It’s Call in Day — Tell Our Senators to Tax the Billionaires

Hey folks, the only counterweight we have to billionaire money power is people power. Americans for Tax Fairness is asking us to take a few minutes to tell our senators how we feel. It’s easy. You can go to the CWA page HERE for more information. Here’s a sample script:

  • My name is ________ from [city/town] in [state]. I am very unhappy that the Senate will not be passing a major economic plan that would lower healthcare and other costs for working families, reduce child poverty and shift us to a clean energy economy – paid for by making the rich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. It’s time for you to show that you are on the side of working families, not with wealthy special interests who have helped kill this economic plan.

    Dial-in number: (855) 740-2519

Or use the CWA call tool.

Americans for Tax Fairness: Tell Your Senator the Rich Must Pay Their Fair Share

Last week, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia single-handedly killed the trillion-dollar investment and tax plan Democrats have been working on for a year. The plan, a version of which had already passed the House last November, would have started to reverse 40 years of trickle-down tax breaks for the rich and corporations while raising money to make healthcare more affordable and to accelerate the transition to a clean-energy economy to combat climate change and reduce family energy costs.
Congress should NOT be protecting tax breaks and special loopholes for billionaires and CEOs; they need to be standing up for their constituents – working people. They need to know we are very unhappy that this historic opportunity to begin to unrig the tax system and use the revenue to create an economy that works for all of us has been stymied – for now.
Please use the form to call your U.S. senators today and tell them to put the interests of working families ahead of their wealthy campaign donors.
Senators need to know WE are watching as wealthy special interests too often determine what gets done in Washington, and that we’re not going to stand for it. Please call your U.S. senators today.