Jan Brewer has scorpions for breakfast?

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ScorpionThe Arizona political media is all atwitter today that Governor Jan Brewer is allegedly "writing" her memoirs.

Well, not quite. As with all vanity press for conservative politicians, there is a ghost writer involved. And it has an heroic fictional title:  "Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America's Border.'' Sounds like she's going to need tights and a cape.

And Scorpions (right) for breakfast? Jan Brewer has a drinking problem? (That's a Kyling: "not intended to be a factual statement").  'Scorpions for Breakfast': Brewer writing her memoirs:

The governor said she has cut a deal with Broadside Books, an arm of HarperCollins, to publish "Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America's Border.'' The title, Brewer told Capitol Media Services, was the idea of the publisher, likely designed to promote the idea "I'm tough.'' [LoL!]

* * *

The governor said some people offered to write the story for her. In the end, she decided to "give it a shot.''

Like many politicians, it's not a solo effort.

Her publisher has paired her with Jessica Gavora who wrote "Tilting the Playing Field: Schools, Sports, Sex and Title IX,'' a critical look at federal laws against discrimination in schools. Gavora also is a former chief speechwriter for John Ashcroft, attorney general under George W. Bush.

Brewer would not discuss financial terms or whether she intends to donate any of the profits to a charity or to another cause. [Like the SB 1070 defense fund?]

"All those details at this time, they've been discussed but they haven't been finalized,'' she said.

A printing of 35,000 is anticipated for the 208-page book that will market for $26.99. But Amazon.com already is offering to take orders for the book, due out Nov. 1, for $17.81.

Don't waste your money. This book is headed for the discount bin before its release date.

In promoting the book, the publisher describes Brewer as "America's toughest governor'' and the book as the story of a state and country "under siege,'' a "dysfunctional'' federal government failing to protect its citizens and "a national political movement that cynically depends on uncontrolled illegal immigration to realize its vision of a transformed America.''

There seems to be a copywrite or trademark infringement claim that Sheriff Joe Arpaio can bring for infringing upon his trademark "America's toughest sheriff" line. The rest of this promo is pure fiction.

Brewer's publisher specializes in what it calls works "covering the full range of serious right-of-center thought and opinion.'' Other current Broadside titles include "Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America,'' and "Revolt: How to Defeat Obama and Repeal His Socialist Programs.''

"Serious right-of-center thought and opinion"? This is the right-wing fringe stuff more typically published by Regnery Publishing, Inc. Broadside Books is a competitor, and yet another cog in the vast right-wing noise machine echo chamber.

UPDATE: E.J. Montini of the Arizona Republic posts Alternative titles for Brewer's book?

There apparently is no truth to the rumor that, even at 208 pages, it is a picture book.

The title does seem a bit clunky, however.

Among the suggested alternatives (at least from my e-mail) an early favorite seems to be: "Yes We Has Did."

Any others?

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  1. blogtucson

    It sad for the publishing industry that politically-minded publishers are courting the right (and extreme right) with book deals, bringing together supporters (lobbyists, business, wealthy and special interests (yeah, she’s fighting them alright))to pre-order them (pushing them to #1)and giving them away during campaigns or rally’s. The only good thing is that in record time they end up in Dollar stores and Goodwill (Palin’s first book was in Goodwill stores here before it came off the inflated NYT best seller list).