Jan Brewer, Self-Styled “Truthteller,” Makes Up Her Own “Facts”

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The Accidental Governor, Jan Brewer, is the queen of making up shit, as David Safier has pointed out in recent posts. "Say anything" appears to be her election strategy. Note to the media: you had better fire-up your fact checking staff, they are going to be putting in some overtime.

Terry Goddard was a popular Mayor of the City of Phoenix from 1983-1990. Goddard served as Arizona State Director for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development from 1995 to 2002. Goddard has been a highly effective Attorney General from 2002-2010. Yet Jan Brewer recently attacked Terry Goddard claiming he lacks a "public official record." For a woman who routinely butchers the English language (and isn't English the official language of Arizona?), maybe this is a "Brewerism," like  a "Bushism" from her hero George W. Bush. Who knows what the hell she is talking about half of the time.


Press release from the Terry Goddard for Governor campaign:

Jan Brewer, Self-Styled "Truthteller," Makes Up Her Own "Facts"

PHOENIX — This morning on Pat McMahon's TV show, Jan Brewer made several blatantly false attacks on Attorney General Terry Goddard, claiming he lacked experience with budgets and policy and bizarrely saying that he lacks a "public official record."

Perhaps she should have checked with the National Association of Attorneys General, who recently honored Attorney General Terry Goddard for his record of accomplishment. She might have been surprised to hear that Jon Bruning, the Republican Attorney General of Nebraska, said, "General Goddard has been instrumental in combating Mexican drug cartels that threaten the security of the U.S.-Mexican border." Bruning went on to say that Goddard's "guidance and perseverance led to the groundbreaking agreement among the four Southwest border states and Western Union that will provide substantial resources for law enforcement to combat money laundering."

Brewer has yet to be similarly recognized by the nation's Governors for anything. Instead, Jan Brewer's record is one that has driven Arizona's economy over the financial cliff. Unemployment is increasing, having recently reached 9.6 percent. More than 4,000 private-sector jobs left our state last month.

This morning, Brewer tried to attack Goddard's successful record of litigation on behalf of our state, saying his victories were, "over on the side, maybe, doing a little, uh, investigation and um, activity with, uh, fraud. So he really doesn't have what one would look at as a public official record."

A quick look at the truth about Attorney General Goddard's official record of accomplishment for Arizona's taxpayers:

Experience with budgets: The Attorney General is responsible for the budget of the Attorney General's Office, and has an exemplary record of fiscal responsibility. In fact, the Attorney General's Office generates far more money for Arizona than it spends. In the last fiscal year, the office received a general fund appropriation of $21 million and produced more than $267 million for the state and its consumers in settlements, restitution, penalties and other recoveries.

"Public Official Record":

* Historic $94 million settlement with Western Union
* Landmark settlements with two national mortgage lenders
* Baptist Foundation of Arizona convictions
* Major agreements with pharmaceutical giants

And much more. Please visit www.terrygoddard.com/record  to learn more.


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