Jan Brewer’s “Spinning Wheels” Tour

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Press Release from the Arizona Democratic Party:

'No Plan' Jan lets others do the talking
Arizonans growing tired of Governor Brewer dodging the issues

Gov. Jan Brewer brought her 'spinning wheels' tour to Scottsdale Wednesday night where, according to the Arizona Guardian, she left the heavy lifting to staffer Tom Manos.  

Brewer attended a budget forum with East Valley mayors to yet again pitch her hollow 'five-point' plan.  One component of the Governor's five point outline is a tax increase, and when it came time to make the pitch for higher taxes, Brewer deferred to Manos. (AZ Guardian, 4/23/09)

The Governor is establishing a pattern, attend a forum, give a speech, and let the staff handle the rest. Governor Brewer deployed this strategy two weeks ago during her much hyped attendance at the GPEC Economic Summit. Brewer gave five minutes of remarks and then let her staff take over. Tom Manos again did most of the talking (See: http://www.gpec.org/Convening_the_Community.aspx)

Legislators, the press, and the public have grown tired of Brewer's 'spinning wheels' tour. It has been seven weeks since the Governor presented her 'Five-Point' Plan, and people want the details. Unfortunately, what we have heard equates to silence. The Governor's staff is no more willing than herself to discuss details of her plan. When the Governor deferred to her spokesperson last week, he was unable to answer the tough questions concerning the 'five-point' plan. (AZ Republic, 4/19/09)

"Arizona's economy is struggling, 4,000 teachers have lost their jobs, our state desperately needs leadership," said Arizona Democratic Party Chair Don Bivens. "There is no clear plan from the Governor's Office, which should be very concerning to Arizonans," said Bivens.

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