By Michael Bryan

This story has already been picked up nationally by the Maddow Blog, and I expect it will air on the Rachel Maddow Show. Locally, Jim Nintzel posted on it at The Range Blog. Rachel recently did a segment on idiot Congresscritter Mike Coffman who was caught by a reporter mindlessly mouthing his apology mantra – for saying that Obama is not an American in his heart – over and over verbatim, like an idiot parrot.

Apparently, when there is something a GOPer REALLY doesn't want to talk about, their press flacks are telling them to go into idiot parrot mode.

Meet Jesse Kelly when confronted by a KGUN 9 reporter with a question over his endorsement by ALIPAC:

It would be simply unjust if someone didn't make an ad out of this insipidity. I find it especially illuminating that the conserva-biddys behind Kelly think his routine is the height of wit.