Jim Brown to run for Congress – THE Jim Brown?


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Brown_Jim_180-220Our sad small-town newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star, published this cryptic report today that Jim Brown is running for Congress in CD 1. Brown enters race for Congress in District 1.

My first thought was, "THE Jim Brown?" The legendary No. 32 of the Cleveland Browns and probably the greatest running back ever? Sadly, no. That would have been so much fun.

It took some searching to find out any information on this Republican that the Star failed to report.

I found his Twitter feed at Jim Brown 2 Congress (jb2dc) on Twitter. Bummer. Just another Texas transplant teabagger wannabe Congressman hatin' on the federal "guvmint." Here is his header post:


Jim Brown2Congress


Arizona's 1st District-My utter contempt 4 what politicians have done 2 this country is my fuel 4 the run. CHRISTIAN/CONSERVATIVE/CONSTITUTION


I doubt that House Speaker Andy Tobin, state Rep. Adam Kwasman and wealthy rancher Gary Kiehne are losing any sleep over this guy.


  1. I too just ran across this, and I am stoked that we have people like Mr. Brown who is dedicated to doing everything he can to make this a better country to live in. He may not be a polished millionaire able to buy off votes, but he is exactly what we need in this country to turn this titantic government around before it sinks. I hope and pray that House Speaker Andy Tobin, state Rep. Adam Kwasman and wealthy rancher Gary Kiehne lose a lot of sleep over this guy. Better yet, I hope that Ann Kirkpatrick loses even MORE sleep over this “wannabe”.

    Though I am not from this state, I am throwing my support behind him with all of my heart.

  2. I just ran across this and even though you don’t know me, you are amazingly accurate my friend. First .. Yep, I doubt anyone in the line up is losing any sleep over me. I’m an outsider for sure. Second .. Wanna be? Of course I’m a wanna be. That’s why I’m running! (You only get 2 points on that one) Third .. Tea bagger? Well, I love the message but sometimes question the delivery system. Fourth .. Hatin on the guvmint? Kinda. Love the government. Hate much of its personell on both sides.

    Now I just hope someone else besides me reads this damn thing because it’s really good! Keep up the excellent blogging!


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