John Boehner: ‘Yeah, that’s the ticket! It’s all your fault’


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

The TanMan, Weeper of the House John Boehner, reminds me of the classic character Jon Lovitz created for Saturday Night Live — Tommy Flanagan, pathological liar. For those of you too young to remember, here is a taste from "Pathological Liar Picks Up
Jerry Hall" (1986)
Jon Lovitz Mainpage:

Tommy Flanagan:
My name's Tommy, Dr. Tom.. uh.. Senator Tommy Flanagan.

Jerry Hall: Really?

Tommy Flanagan:
Mmm hmm.. Say, haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Jerry Hall: I
doubt it.

Tommy Flanagan:
Oh, I know! I saw you at the.. White House! Yeah, that's the ticket. Why,
I was just there last..
.   uh… yesterday.
Yeah.. having dinner with the Royal Family.

Jerry Hall: Which
Royal Family?

Tommy Flanagan:
Uh.. the one on TV. Yeah. Yeah, I'm a producer, you know. Big-time tele…
movie producer. 
Yeah, that's
the ticket! So, what do you do?

You can hear Tommy Flanagan echoed in the words of the TanMan today after President Obama's press conference. The TanMan demanded that Democrats accept his "Plan B" approach, or else it's all their fault that we go over the cliff and everyone's taxes go up on January 1. "Yeah, that's the ticket! It's all your fault."

"Tomorrow the House will pass legislation to make permanent tax
relief for nearly every American — 99.81 percent of the American
people. Then the president will have a decision to make — he can call
on Senate Democrats to pass that bill, or he can be responsible for the
largest tax increase in American history."

So if crybaby doesn't get his way — and he won't — his genius plan is to throw a temper tantrum and cry "It's all your fault!" in an attempt to shift the honus to the Democrats for going over the cliff, when public opinion polling indicates by wide margins that the public will rightly blame the TanMan and his Tea-Publican caucus for their bad faith negotiations — evidenced by the ultimatum above — in their attempt to hold this country hostage to their economic terrorist demands.

The Democrats "can be responsible for the
largest tax increase in American history" is a GOP talking point intended for consumption by the conservative media entertainment complex. President Obama has already offered too many concessions to these economic terrorists, and they see this as a sign of weakness to demand more. They do not know the meaning of good faith.

I don't know what they taught you in Harvard Law, Mr. President, but here is a negotiation tip for dealing with assholes such as these. Tell the TanMan your offer has expired, it's off the table. You position is now your original offer, take it or leave it. Then walk away and let the TanMan twist in the wind. "See you in the new year, crybaby."

America does nor negotiate with terrorists, Mr. President.