John C. Scott Radio Show Talks with Writer Larry Bodine

Blog for Arizona

The John C. Scott Political Forum - 1030 KVOI AM

The John C. Scott Political Forum – 1030 KVOI AM

Radio broadcaster John C. Scott interviewed Blog for Arizona writer Larry Bodine recently about:

  • Candidate Yahya Yuksel staying in the race
  • Negative ads by Ann Kirkpatrick vs. Matt Heinz.
  • Bill Kovacs is a sexy beast.
  • Mary Matiella – will Latinos and seniors vote for her?
  • Bruce Wheeler is the Brainiac with the numbers.
  • Martha McShifty – Even Republicans complain about her. She should get a room with Trump.


  1. Given that Mr. Kovacs is a “sexy beast” and much more than a pretty face, why hasn’t he made an awesome video for social media? This is something he could do on a tight budget to develop more name recognition in the district before the primary at the end of August.

  2. Nice rundown on the CD2 race, Larry. I just wish you could have spent the whole show chatting with John.

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