The John C. Scott Political Forum - 1030 KVOI AM

The John C. Scott Political Forum – 1030 KVOI AM

Click below to hear broadcaster John C. Scott interview writer Larry Bodine of the Blog for Arizona on a recent radio program covering the Arizona race for US Senate, the race for Governor and the Democratic primary for Congress in Tucson’s CD2.

Topics covered:


US Senate:

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  • Kyrsten Sinema — she’s now running ads as if she’s in the general election. She running on three winning issues: access to healthcare, better education and creating jobs that pay well.
  • Republicans are running on losing issues: fear of immigrants, the Second Amendment and repealing Obamacare.
  • Martha McSally: a new poll shows her in the lead against Kelli Ward and evil Joe Arpaio. McSally is running anti-immigrant ads, but this will doom her in general election. She’s known as “Marty McShifty.” She flip-flopped on immigration and on supporting Trump. Now she brags, “I get invited to the White House all the time.”
  • Joe Arpaio is a disgrace, embarrassing even Republicans.
  • Kelli Ward is pro-war, anti-immigration and pro-guns in schools — kissing up to the tea party.
  • On YouTube, McSally’s top recent video got 880 views. In comparison Sinema’s announcement for running got 25,000 views, her video on affordable healthcare got 6,000 views, and video about her brother Paul got 9,000 views.
  • 7 Democrats running for Congress in CD2:
    • Matt Heinz‘s challenge to knock Ann Kirkpatrick off the ballot is backfiring. He’s spending money on in-fighting.
    • Kirkpatrick is the odds-on favorite in fundraising, exposure, and experience.
    • Dark horse candidate Yahya Yuksel has charisma, charm, energy, and enthusiasm.
    • Bruce Wheeler was the crowd favorite at last Democratic candidate forum. He’s very bright, he’s hitting all the right notes, he favors Medicare for All, and is the one candidate who talks about climate change — it’s an existential issue.
  • Arizona Governor
    • Ducey is beatable. He made a horrible mistake opposing the RedforEd movement.
    • Steve Farley is competent, elected 6 times, can clearly do the job. “My mind says Farley is the right choice.”
    • David Garcia  “My heart says Garcia is the right choice.” He has a nice touch with people, he’s very approachable and good at connecting with people.
  • How organized is the Democratic party? There is huge energy on the Democratic side. Farley says, “Every time Trump tweets, he creates a new Democratic activist.” There is more activity now in the party than in the general election. Trump has created a lot of racial resentment and this election may see Latinos finally turn out in big numbers.