John Dougherty campaign ad: “Offshore Oil”

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Press release from the John Dougherty for U.S. Seante campaign:

McCain's oily record on offshore drilling 

PHOENIX (June 22) – Facts are scoring a victory in U.S. Senate candidate John Dougherty's campaign to unseat John McCain.

Dougherty's first campaign ad, Offshore Oil, features the Gulf oil leak disaster juxtaposed with McCain's statements hailing the safety of offshore oil production and his desire to deregulate the oil industry, which has been a major contributor to his campaigns.

"The ongoing environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico signals the end of Big Oil's dominance of the American economy," Dougherty said. "It's long past time to leave behind a 19th Century technology and embrace the future of clean, renewable and decentralized energy production."

To achieve this goal, Dougherty is calling for a national commitment to renewable energy modeled after America's 1960s space program to land a man on the moon.

 "We need a national commitment on this scale to quickly transition America from a fossil-fuel based economy to a renewable energy economy," Dougherty said. "The nation that leads the world in renewable energy will be the world's dominant economy in the 21st Century. I'm determined that America be that nation."

Follow the links below to track McCain's commitment to Big Oil.

Offshore Oil from Dougherty for Senate on Vimeo.

0 responses to “John Dougherty campaign ad: “Offshore Oil”

  1. My point is that when you guys want to do comparison and contrast in support of your candidate, your framing should be “candidate ‘x’ is better than John McCain because…” Tell me why your candidate is better than the incumbent, and why your candidate is best able to defeat the incumbent. The rest will take care of itself.

  2. Thane, John is on the record as supporting cutting $1 trillion in defense spending, including ending the occupation of Afghanistan. Pretty bold thing for a candidate to say out loud.

  3. AZ Blue Meanie-

    Primary elections are about choices and sending the best person forward to meet our opponents. One can advocate for their candidate in a primary and not disparage the others in the race. Whoever wins the four-way race for this ballot slot will have my unqualified support. In the mean time, it is perfectly acceptable for any of us to point out why one person may be a better choice than the others. If you read what I wrote this morning, it was all about Dougherty and why he has my support.

  4. You guys kill me. Keep your eyes on the prize — defeating John McCain. Avoid the circular firing squad thing.

  5. Francine Shacter

    Sorry, not impressed! Everyone who is anyone, on the Dem side, at least, is calling for renewable energy – nice press release, nothing new.

    Rodney is calling for this. Gabby Giffords has been working hard to support development of solar energy. Along comes this guy with the same message? I’m glad he is on the same page with Rodney and supports what Gabby is working hard for.

  6. And yet one more government renewable energy program isn’t going to provide the US economy with the ability to wave good bye to Saudi Arabia’s oil.

    I’ll be impressed when he starts talking about an end to fossil fuel use by the US Army in Afghanistan (because we have left).

    I admire John Dougherty’s experience and skill but these days we need a government that will stop wasteful spending by ending foreign occupations. Until that day arises he is selling “hope and change” with no change that will help Joe America.

  7. This ad testifies to the formidable campaign John Dougherty would mount against McCain. Can you imagine McCain facing one of the journalists who first exposed his dalliance with Charlie Keating? I have been nothing but impressed with Dougherty and have already decided that he has my vote in the August 24th Democratic Senate primary. There is simply no one else with his experience, gravitas and attributes.