We now know that John Huppenthal is a Birther from this comment :

“bat shit crazy stuff”!!! Its in Obamas book, Obama said he was born in Kenya!!!! If this were a Republican, you would be going nuts demanding those college records.

But is he a modern-day Bircher (as in John Birch Society) as well? Here’s Huppenthal in September 2013 commenting on the poor in America:

Let me assure you that the poor in the US are much better off than the poor in an other country. Our poor are very asset wealthy and consumption wealthy as compared even to typical people in most other countries.

Compare that to these excerpts from a John Birch Society screed, circa 1965, which were part of its “What’s Wrong With Civil Rights” campaign, as reported by The Progressive:

The average American Negro has a tremendously higher material standard of living than Negroes anywhere else; and far higher, in fact, than at least four-fifths of the earth’s population of all races combined.

The average American Negro not only has a far higher standard of literacy, and better educational opportunities, than Negroes anywhere else; but a higher level of literacy, in fact, than at least four-fifths of the earth’s population of all races combined.

See the similarities? They’re awfully hard to miss.

Okay, so Huppenthal thinks like a Bircher, but how does he feel about Blacks?

Well, here he is calling President Obama “slime”:

Now, we have to suffer the misery again as the current slime in the white house repeat the Roosevelt playbook.

Here he is prejudging Trayvon Martin, when news of his killing first broke and very few facts were available:

Here is my bet: Zimmerman has no criminal record and Martin has a criminal record for assault and or robbery.

Would Huppenthal have made the same “bet” if Martin were White? Here is my bet: NO! By the way, it was a really bad bet. By all accounts, Martin’s most violent crime was smoking pot.

And here is our friend Huppenthal discussing the prospect of lost jobs in America as a result of immigration:

A job taken by an hispanic immigrant doesnt take a job from a caucasian, it creates a job for a caucasian.

Got that? The issue isn’t whether immigrants take American jobs; it’s whether they take Caucasian jobs.

And who are those “poor” in the mind of John Huppenthal? These folks:

People aren’t as anxious to work anymore. The flat screen tv, a beer from the fridge,, cheap movies from netflixs. Why do that bothersome thing called work.

Is that a dog whistle I can’t hear?

So, there you have it: John Huppenthal, Modern-Day Bircher.