John McCain 2014 thinks John McCain 2008 is ‘delusional’

“The Cold War is over, the Soviet empire is gone and neither one is missed.” – August 18, 2008

Snap quiz kids, who said this?

mcain grimaceThat’s Right, our own Senator McNasty said this to a group of military veterans during his 2008 campaign.

So what did Senator McNasty have to say to Andrea Mitchell in an interview today? Talking Points Memo:

“One is a fundamental understanding of Vladimir Putin. They have been near delusional in thinking the Cold War was over.”

“Maybe the President thinks the Cold War is over,” McCain added, “but Vladimir Putin doesn’t and that’s what this is all about.”

I am convinced that McCain does not believe in the existence of transcripts, videotapes, audiotapes, and the Internet. Or more to the point, he believes the media villagers and Beltway bloviators who still treat him as a “very serious person” with something relevant to say will let him say whatever he wants without ever calling him out for his own prior inconsistent statements.

And he’s right. Mrs. Greenspan did not challenge him.

One response to “John McCain 2014 thinks John McCain 2008 is ‘delusional’

  1. Frances Perkins

    I’m triple dog dare ya senile and completely irrelevant!!!!