Attention Tucson! Friday Party for Anne Carl for Cochise County Recorder. Catered w/ Prosecco & Live Music! Join Us!

Hi everybody! Mike Bryan here, the founder and editor of BlogForArizona.

I wish to formally invite you to attend my house party for Anne Carl this coming Friday evening, November 17th from 5:30 to 8 pm, in Tucson near Reid/Randolph Park at the Calle Chica house. You will get the exact address after you RSVP and well before the day of the party.

I think Anne’s race is vitally important to all of Arizona and I’m asking you to get some skin in the game and make sure Anne has the resources she needs to win this race. Read the flier, and I’ll explain further below.

Anne is running against the current Cochise County Recorder David Stephens: he’s the guy who is business partners with Mark Finchem in his grift to sell Arizona special ballot paper that would allow individual voters and the votes to be identified and tracked – violating your right to a secret ballot. They want to monetize violating your privacy! Stevens is also the guy who egged on the Cochise Supervisors Judd and Crosby to try to delay the certification of the 2022 vote – landing them in a criminal investigation – and to attempt to do an illegal complete hand count of the ballots. More recently, he coauthored a statewide bill that would have made ballot tabulation machines optional. He also personally harassed Cochise County citizens for merely exercising their First Amendment rights to petition the government. He’s a dangerous MAGA partisan with unprecedented authority over elections conferred by the MAGA members of the Cochise Board – and he’s got to go!

We can’t let Stephens’ lawlessness and grifting go unchallenged. We have to show that such denialism and illegal behavior has consequences, and simply won’t fly with voters anywhere in Arizona.

Most importantly, Anne is the perfect candidate for the job. She has the experience, integrity, and professionalism to do the job the RIGHT way – an impartial and non-partisan way. I’m not supporting Anne because she’s a strong progressive or rabidly anti-MAGA – she’s NONE of that. She is simply a non-partisan straight-shooting professional who is well-qualified for the job and will do it with deep integrity. That’s what we should all want and unquestionably expect from officials overseeing our elections.

If you would like to see Anne in action, check out her appearance at a few weeks ago:

Anne Carl for Cochise Recorder at

But I do OF COURSE have partisan motivations – oh my, yes! A solid, professional, well-resourced local campaign like Anne’s in Cochise County also helps all Democrats in a quantifiable manner. Having someone running a solid campaign on the ground in Cochise County that will motivate Indpendents, real Republicans, and Democrats alike to get out and vote against MAGA perfidy lifts all Democratic boats. Such a campaign raises turnout and voting up the ballot for Democratic candidates in Cochise County – including the Democratic candidates for Cochise County Board of Supervisors, Kirsten Engel in CD6, Ruben Gallego for Senate, and, of course, Biden/Harris. Narrowing the partisan gap in a mostly rural county like Cochise helps all these candidates win their elections.

And from a self-interested standpoint, you will simply not find a better repast for a better cause on a Friday evening in Tucson. We are being catered by HumbleBoard by Emili Krzyzanowski, a wonderful local Tucson caterer with a reputation for her excellent grazing tables with sumptuous charcuterie spreads: we’ll have a six-foot grazing table for you.

We also have 4 cases of excellent Italian Prosecco waiting for you, these are the highly rated La Vostra (rated 90 by Beverage Dynamics) and Borrasca Valdobbiadene (rated 92 by Beverage Dynamics, voted one of the top 10 wines of 2023). You can enjoy them by the glass or combined with our non-alcoholic pear and ginger sparkling Harvest Punch, or as a Royal Kir cocktail with top-shelf Chambord raspberry liqueur, or as a refreshing Aperol Spritz. We will, of course, have lots of wholly non-alcoholic options – including just the basic Harvest Punch. We appreciate your support so much and want to ensure your delight and satisfaction with the quality of our refreshments.

We will also have a live chamber music quartet (two violins, viola, and cello) comprised of some of the most talented musicians from our fine and deep bench of community orchestras here in Tucson to entertain you. They will be playing their own selection of pieces that will delight and impress you with an evening of beauty and musicianship.

Finally, we have Guest Speakers lined up to help explain just how vital and protective of our franchise the role of Recorder is, including our very own Recorder of Pima County, Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, our Pima County Supervisor for District 1, Rex Scott, and, of course, Anne Carl herself.

We want you to know that your support is deeply appreciated. You may not be able to vote for Anne if you don’t live in Cochise County, but the per-person contribution limit for this race is $6650.00 and every single dollar of that limit that you can contribute has a ton of leverage in a ground game and retail politics centered race like Anne’s. There is simply no better place to spend your hard-earned money to have the greatest possible impact on the 2024 race in southern Arizona, in my expert opinion.

So please RSVP today and join your friends and colleagues, Democratic candidates, and office-holders who are supporting and endorsing Anne Carl in her bid to be the next Cochise County Recorder. Please, become a Defender of Democracy at the highest level you can afford. I hope to see you there to thank you in person!

If you decide that you cannot attend, or have other obligations, of course, I strongly urge you to contribute what you can to Anne’s campaign today. Thank you for the gift of your attention, and, of course, your support for Anne’s campaign!

Best Regards,

Michael D. Bryan

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    • From Anne Carl’s campaign website: Contact me “By mail at CarlforCochise, P.O. Box 561, Bisbee, AZ 85603.”

    • That’s what they invented Uber and Lyft for. Not to mention friends: shall I come pick you up for the party, Dr. Warren?

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