Jon Kyl, Professional Hypocrite

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl loves nothing more than an opportunity to denounce earmarks (and to insinuate that they are a Democratic phenominon). Unfortunately, Jon Kyl also loves him some earmarks.

Take a look-see:

3 responses to “Jon Kyl, Professional Hypocrite

  1. So Bryan what are you going to do about it?
    Or are you like Obama bla bla bla I am so cool , look at me while the American way of life from its economy to its well being is ignored and crumbling right before our eyes!
    I am going to make a prediction that with-in 6 months cities will be burning and our ex gay Governor will be putting American Citizens in camps while illegal’s over-run the border states!

  2. Once again, you are talking about Jon Kyl, who lied to the Supreme Court during the Rumsfeld v. Hamdan case.
    It is no stretch to refer to someone who has the nerve to lie to the highest court in the land as a “professional liar”. That is all you have to say about Jon Kyl, and cuts quickly to his pathological nature.

  3. I think this example goes to show that the problem isn’t this kind of spending or that kind of spending. The problem is overall insane levels of US government spending (with Arizona in second place for overall unreasonable levels of government spending).