Jonny we hardly knew ye

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It appears that former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman's billionaire daddy has cut off his allowance for his "fantasy presidential campaign league." Jon Huntsman's Billionaire Dad Won't Commit to More Campaign Cash. I guess he was too embarrased that his son was losing to a comedian, Stephen Colbert, in South Carolina polls.

Jon Huntsman will bow out of the race today. Huntsman will make his announcement in Myrtle Beach, and, according to one campaign official, will urge Republicans to rally behind elder Willard "Mittens" Romney. Campaign officials say Huntsman to quit GOP race. Romney will appreciate the additional two votes.

Huntsman badly underestimated the depths to which "Obama Derangement Syndrome" has infected the Tea-Publican Party. When President Obama asked him to serve his country as Ambassador to China, Huntsman rightly said "I serve at the pleasure of the president." Little did he understand at the time that this disqualified him from running for the presidency in the Tea-Publican Party.

The man he is endorsing today, "Mittens" Romney, criticized Huntsman for serving his country instead of raising money for Tea-Publicans during a debate just a few days ago, to which Huntsman took righteous exception. Now, not so much. So much for principles.

Tea-Publicans had wanted Gen. David Petraeus to run for president, but since he agreed to serve at the request of President Obama as commander of the Afghanistan war and now director of the CIA, undoubtedly he is disqualified from running for the presidency in the Tea-Publican Party as well due to "Obama Derangement Syndrome."

Maybe President Obama should have appointed Willard "Mittens" Romney to some post to serve his country.

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  1. Is the Special Olympics chairman’s appointment in the remit of the President?