Arizona Legislative District (LD) One, an area that consists of parts of Yavapai and Maricopa County, has not elected a Democrat in its present geographic configuration.

Judy Stahl would like to remedy that and bring full representation to the people of LD One as one of the district’s next State House members in 2021.


A resident of Prescott since 1992, Ms. Stahl, a breast cancer survivor, massage therapist and advocate, and champion for the arts and theater, would bring a wealth of bipartisan leadership and management experience to the State Capitol.

Experienced in forging legislative alliances from her experiences as the Chair of the State Board of Massage Therapy, she believes that:

“Affordable health care, fully-funded public education, and economic prosperity are the bedrocks of strong communities.”

 If elected, she would work in improving Arizona’s:

  • Economy
  • Education system
  • Health care system
  • Environment

She would work for the people’s interests.

LD One State House Candidate Judy Stahl with friends at the vigil for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter on the Yavapai County Courthouse Square on Tuesday, June 3rd.

Ms. Stahl graciously took the time to discuss her qualifications and candidacy for the Arizona State House.

The questions and her responses are below.

  • Please tell the reader about yourself (education and experiences).

 “ I am a concerned citizen and have been a resident of the area for nearly 30 years. I have volunteered to help the schools, in Community Theater, the Prescott Farmer’s Market, a local hospice, and more. I have a Bachelor’s in Communications and Theater Arts and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology.”

 “I am a massage therapist, a national continuing education provider, and a counselor and coach, currently working virtually. I worked for many years as a volunteer as the point person to create the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy. That involved creating coalitions, fundraising, public relations, recruiting lobbyists, and testifying in front of legislative committees in the Senate and the House at the Arizona Capitol. We now have over 10,000 licensed massage therapists with oversight in AZ. We were able to gather the needed supermajority in both houses of the legislature to reach our success.”

 “I know how to work across the aisle. I became the Chair of the State Board after being appointed to the state board by Governor Napolitano. I was elected to the Office of the President of the American Massage Therapy Association and led as National President in 2009 and 2010.”

 “I just really care, and I want to be a bridge in these difficult times. I am a strong, grounded person and dedicated to making the world a better place. We need healing and that is the work that I have been doing my whole life.”

  • Please tell the reader what are at least three qualifications you have for the Legislative seat you are seeking.
  • “Leadership experience”
  • “Experience in working with the legislature and with a team.”
  • “Long term commitment to the district.”
  • “Potential constituents recruited me to run.”
  • What are at least two reasons you would be a better public servant than your likely Republican opponent?

 “I would represent everybody in our district. Right now, many of us in this district have not had our points of view represented by the folks elected to the state legislature.”

 “As the first Democrat elected to the statehouse from this district in 20 years, I would bring balance to our representation at the statehouse.”

 “Local Republicans who have been politically involved in this district for many years have made it clear that there are a few powerful entities who the Republicans candidates for this seat would have to answer to on certain issues, especially regarding development and protecting our natural environment. I will answer only to the voters, the residents of this district. I am not owned by anybody.” 

  • If elected, please describe the top two education issues you would like to focus on as a legislator?

 “Per-pupil spending in Arizona is below that of Kentucky. We need to provide secure funding with an eye to the future. This means we need to have smaller class sizes, provide resources that teachers need to help their students succeed, and fair and decent salaries for our teachers.”

“I support Invest in Ed, expanded rural broadband to level the playing field for our rural community school districts, and full-day kindergarten with consideration for children who may be special cases.”

“I support parents having a say with what happens with their children’s education. Kids do well when they engage with others at school. They need a variety of interactions with their peers in order to get a healthy perspective and grow up able to relate to the diversity of people in life.” 

  • If elected, please describe the top two healthcare issues you would like to focus on as a legislator?

 “Access to affordable health care across (including mental health) the board for everyone in Arizona.”

 “People with preexisting conditions have access to affordable health care.”

 “Telemedicine is fabulous and should be expanded so that senior citizens in our district can get access to specialized care from medical experts who may not have a practice near them.”

 “I want to see us make a greater investment in public health care infrastructure, including preventative proactive care that will prevent the need for expensive procedures in later years, and enhance the quality of life in immediate and practical ways, as well as expanding community hospitals and public health clinics. We need to emphasize the fundamentals and prioritize preventive care that improves the quality of life.”

  • If elected, please describe the top two sustainability issues you would like to focus on as a legislator?


  • “Be mindful of our individual footprint.”
  • “Develop in a sustainable manner where the environment is protected coupled with wise development.”
  • “We need to be the world leader in solar energy development and also look to expanding wind power as well.”
  • “Water and water capturing and harvesting programs.”
  • “Water Resources including protecting the Verde River.”
  • If elected, please describe the top two helping children issues you would like to focus on as a legislator?
  • “First things first is a program that makes sure early childhood education and early childhood healthcare. Make sure pregnant moms have access to the health care they need and education to raise their children. Need to help the working poor in this area.”
  • “We make sure children are exposed to the great diversity of our state, country, and world.”


  • If elected, please describe the top two helping the most vulnerable issues you would like to focus on as a legislator?


  • “Look at what is going on with criminal justice and how it impacts minorities and the poor. Private prisons have no accountability to the voters. We must ban private prisons.”
  • “Making sure all the children get the same quality education in Arizona regardless of the socioeconomic status of the district.”
  • “Affordable Housing needs to be addressed as well.”
  • If elected, please describe the top two law enforcement issues you would like to focus on as a legislator?

“Police are here to protect and serve. While most police are dedicated and ethical, for many people, this is not their experience of the police. We need to make sure law enforcement professionals are vetted, are capable of compassion, and know that their job is to create safe communities through gaining the trust of the citizens they serve. WE need to make sure police have the training (including mental health) they need to protect our diverse population. It will take good cops to root out the bad ones from their ranks.”

  • If elected, please describe the top two immigration issues you would like to focus on as a legislator?

“Provide a clear path to citizenship for DACA citizens. These individuals have gone through many hoops to be able to gain DACA status. We want these good folks in our country.”

 “We need to follow the immigration laws as written.”

 “Mexico is our friend. All told, I have lived in Mexico for over two years and we need to work together to find solutions. WE need to expand our understanding of the world starting with our closest neighbor. I will never have a child in a cage.”

“I am for strong border security as long as we follow the laws of the land

and we treat people humanely. We do not need a wall. We need cooperation between Mexico and the United States and transparency in our immigration procedures. If there are problems with our laws, then elect lawmakers who will change it.”

  • If elected, please describe the top issues facing women, minorities, and the LGBTQ communities that you would like to focus on as a legislator?


“Health care.”

“Economic Prosperity.”

“We need to write laws that protect these folks in the above areas and treat them with dignity and fairness. The great majority of people believe in social justice and civil rights. We can only fulfill the American values of equality and fairness under the law if we organize and elect people with our shared values.”

  • If elected, please describe the top two government reform issues you would like to focus on as a legislator?
  • “Charter School accountability.”
  • “Criminal Justice reform.”
  • “Outlaw Dirty Money.”
  • Is there anything you would like to let the reader know about yourself that has not been addressed by the previous questions?

“I am the ONLY candidate for change in this race. I want Arizonans to know that even though the numbers are challenging in my district, my team is very clear-eyed and we know what we need to do to win. We are committed to doing just that.”

“Teamwork is everything. I have support from folks on both sides of the aisle, as well as folks who vote for the specific candidate regardless of party affiliation. I am the candidate for folks who vote on issues because I am not owned by any entity. We are creating a formidable team of committed volunteers and supporters who believe in me and my vision for our district. They will amplify our message in the district. We know that our folks are motivated and can be activated on virtually a moment’s notice. We are in this race for the right reasons. We know what we are doing. We are going to win.”

For more information on Judy Stahl and her candidacy for one of the LD One State House seats, please click on her website here and her Facebook Page here.

Judy Stahl and her significant other Steve Hyman

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