Just in time for Tax Day! Public opinion turns against the Tea Party

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Two related news stories today. The percentage of Americans who hold an unfavorable opinion of the Tea Party movement rose to an all-time in a new CNN poll released today:

In the poll, 47% of adult Americans said they viewed the Tea Party unfavorably, compared to 32% who said they viewed it favorably.

The latest finding continues a trend of the Tea Party losing popularity as it has became more well known.

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The latest CNN poll also found that 46% of Americans now view the Democratic party favorably, compared to 44% who view the Republican party favorably. Forty-eight percent of Americans view each party unfavorably.

The CNN poll was conducted March 11-13 among 1,023 adults nationwide. It has a margin of error of 3.0%.

Awww, so sad. And after CNN went "all in" with the Tea Party Express as a partner to host a Republican presidential primary debate scheduled for Labor Day week 2011, in Tampa, Florida, CNN and Tea Party Express to host first-of-its-kind Tea Party presidential primary debate; and CNN hired a bunch of teabagger commentators to become "TeaNN." CNN: All Tea Party, All the Time (Our new tag on Twitter is #TeaNN instead of @CNN. It's just more descriptive).

That scheduled debate may not come off as planned. The first "official" Republican presidential primary debate to be sponsored by Drudgico Politico/NBC News scheduled for May 2 had to be postponed due to the lack of declared Republican candidates. First Presidential Debate Pushed Back To September Due To Lack Of Candidates:

The two big media titans announced today that they will push the debate back to the fall because so few candidates have officially announced their plans to run.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation was scheduled to host the debate May 2nd, but in a press release today NBC Universal announced that the event will be rescheduled for September 14.

Fox News is scheduled to hold its own debate just a few days later, on May 5.

Well that's perfect! I suggested back when the debate schedule was announced that FAUX News should host a reality show version of the Republican presidential primaries like Survivor where every week one of them gets voted off the island. They are all on FAUX News' payroll anyway (the reason why they are waiting to officially declare — free television time to promote themselves for which they should be paying for political advertising).


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  1. FAUX NEWS: snarky rules. Let’s demonstrate how to bend rules, lie, cheat, steal and support our supporters (IE: money). This is a great mantra.
    The coverage on the “Tea Party” is disgusting. Form a real party, not just a PAC for Koch and be taken seriously. We need to stop this reference of the “Tea Party” it’s framed “extreme-Conservatism (IE: Republican) and they represent now a big block of “time wasters” in Washington and several States (Arizona). All of these plants are Republicans and if you are paying attention to politics, they are obstructing and creating distractions all on the cause of a Nationwide Mantra.
    There is no Tea Party. I think the high disapproval numbers are due to America understanding this fact more and more. Uninformed voters believed they were voting party lines and were duped. After reading exit polls last November, it was Independents, minorities and students who sat back. Not voting has consequences.