Justine Wadsack and Wendy Rogers Like to Appear with Traitors and White Nationalist-Anti Semites

Arizona State Senator Justine Wadsack has encountered a couple of what should be insurmountable problems for a politician this week.

First, as Blog founder Michael Bryan reported yesterday (November 9, 2023,) Ms. Wadsack apparently does not live in the legislative district (Arizona LD 17) she represents.

If confirmed, by Arizona statute, she can not run to serve in LD 17 in 2024.

Believe it or not, that is not the grossest example of her problems this week.

That occurred on Monday when the fringe state senator appeared with her equally reality-challenged political twin, Arizona State Senator Wendy ‘COVID vaccines are the Mark of Satan’ Rogers on a white nationalist radio show hosted by renowned Anti-Semites, espousing ridiculous election denial assertions about Donald Trump’s 2020 Presidential loss and Kari Lake’s 2022 Gubernatorial defeat and repeating the racist notion of the Great Replacement Theory that Democrats are encouraging illegal immigration so whites become the minority group in the nation.

This appearance by the fringe repulsive duo has been reported and commented on by Laurie Roberts of AZ Central and Jerold MacDonald Evy of Az Mirror.

The Great Replacement Theory has resulted, as MacDonald Evy has reported, in several racist mass shootings to meet the imaginary threat spoon-fed to the white nationalist mentally unbalanced by individuals like the reactionary-conspiracy loving-reality challenged Wadsack and Rogers.

Commenting on social media, ADLCC Communications Director Ashton Adams posted:

Note that Wadsack and Rogers also do not mind taking pictures with traitors like the convicted, disgraced, 2020 election denier and accused January 6, 2021 insurrectionist Michael Flynn.

It is possible (but not likely) that Mr. Peterson may be embarrassed to comment because, as MacDonald Evy reminded us, Wadsack was chosen as the “AZGOP’s Freshman Senator of the Year.”

Not something to brag about in the world of reality and common decency.

Voters should be embarrassed by being represented by both Wadsack and Rogers.

Having those two in office does not serve the public good at all.

Fortunately, the people have the power to change that by voting them and all enemies of Democracy, Freedom, and Inclusion out of office at the ballot box in 2024.

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