Where Does Arizona Senator Justine Wadsack ACTUALLY Live? Not in LD 17.

Wadsack REALLY lives in midtown in the Sam Hughes neighborhood – outside the district she ‘represents’ – despite her continuing lies. At least, that is where she and her family actually VOTE. She shouldn’t even be eligible to vote for herself, let alone represent a district she clearly doesn’t actually live in.

The Tucson Sentinel has been reporting on an image of what Wadsack insists is her ballot in a social media post. I can’t see it first-hand, since cowardly anti-free-speech advocate Senator Wadsack is afraid of BlogForArizona and has blocked us entirely for criticizing and questioning her.

The Sentinel posted a screengrab:

Dylan Smith sniffed out a rat with this photo.

Wadsack posted a photo of a ballot, with bubbles filled in for the Republican mayor and Tucson City Council candidates and a “no” vote on Prop. 413, which would raise the salaries of city leaders.

Behind that ballot, the photo included a portion of a ballot envelope, showing the name “Wadsack” and the 85747 ZIP code that corresponds to the address at which she’s registered to vote on the Southeast Side.

While Wadsack included a ballot envelope with her registered address in the background of the photo, the ballot she posted was for Precinct 78.

Precinct 78 is in Midtown, and includes Sam Hughes. 

Wadsack is registered to vote in Precinct 218.

The Recorder’s Office reviewed the photograph, and had staff at Runbeck Election Services — the company that prints the ballots — check the records of which ballot was inserted into the envelope sent to Wadsack…

Tucson Sentinel, by Dylan Smith, Nov 2, 2023

And if the ballot is not actually Wadsack’s, she might be violating the law in a criminal manner. Her husband and two children are registered to vote at her Sam Hughes home in Precinct 78. And posting the ballot of another person can be a criminal act.

While the ballot that was sent to Wadsack at the Southeast Side address she’s registered at included the correct races for Precinct 218, the ballot in the photograph she posted is for Precinct 78. The precinct number is shown in clear text at the top left of the picture.

Her husband, Garret Wadsack, is registered to vote at their Midtown home, which is in Precinct 78. Two of the Republican senator’s grown children are also registered to vote at the Sam Hughes address.

As Tucson conducts all-mail municipal elections (with the option of in-person voting), ballots were sent to every registered voter in the city last month…

Of course, Wadsack continues to insist that it’s HER ballot and not that of one of her family members. Despite all evidence to the contrary. She even tries to shove responsibility onto our Recorder for sending her the wrong ballot. Nonsense. And typical racist behavior. Blame the Native American woman.

Pima County and City of Tucson officials are investigating Wadsack’s possible criminal violation.

Smith reasonably concludes that Wadsack actually posted the ballot of a family member. I doubt she’ll actually be held criminally liable, but she refuses to come clean and tell the truth – about anything. She doesn’t live in LD 17. She doesn’t represent the values of most voters in LD 17. She’s a serial liar about where she really lives and always has been. She should be disqualified from serving in LD 17 and should be removed from office due to ineligibility.

There are legal residency requirements to serve in the state legislature: one must live for 3 years in our state and have 1 year of residence inside the district you seek to represent. But good luck getting Arizona courts to actually enforce such requirements.

It really stretches credulity that Wadsack’s whole family lives in Sam Hughes – outside her LD 17 district – while she ACTUALLY resides in a rental in Precinct 218 – inside the LD 17 district, doesn’t it? It is the belief of many that Wadsack is full of shit about her actual residence and is registered in LD 17 dishonestly solely to qualify for her office under our laws. I believe that it is obviously true that Wadsack is serving without meeting the residence requirements of our state laws.

She has been vague and bullshitty about where she actually lives since she first filed for LD 17. And this seems to be yet another piece of evidence that she’s just a damned liar who is flouting Arizona law by serving in a district in which she doesn’t actually live.

But really, it is up to the voters of LD 17 to demand better than a reckless, rude, cowardly, racist, bigoted, lying train-wreck of a person like Justine Wadsack. The kind of person who proudly poses with fellow liar-about-her-actual-residency and fascist fan-girl State Senator Wendy Rogers, and QAnon cult leader and disgraced and convicted felon Michael Flynn at the Mara Lago estate of treasonous fascist MAGA cult leader Donald Trump. So much losing and brazen lying in a single photo… just gross.

10 thoughts on “Where Does Arizona Senator Justine Wadsack ACTUALLY Live? Not in LD 17.”

  1. Jeez….are you talking about Wadsack or Wendy Rogers?

    Maybe they should form an “Out of District” caucus.

    Guessing that they won’t be the only two members.

    Possible future member Mark Finchem doesn’t seem to live in the district that he’s running in, either.

  2. Wadsack sure gets testy about reporters poking around.

    Then again, it takes balls to pretend to live somewhere you don’t and thinking no one will ever find out.

    I mean, Wadsack must be hanging on every new article about her, hoping no one finds the truth.

    She’s in a very sensitive situation, a hairy predicament.

    Something about swing voters….

    Also, her name is funny.

      • I honestly have no idea how you kept things above a 7th grade level.

        After all the Israel/Gaza stuff, I needed some release.

        Hope the voters kick Wadsack out.

        I regret nothing!

    • “Then again, it takes balls to pretend to live somewhere you don’t and thinking no one will ever find out.”

      It’s a new Repug tradition! Traitor Tommy Tuberville representing Alabama when his primary residence is in Florida.

    • Oh, I haven’t, but I can’t always include EVERY sin of this MAGA monster… I’ll leave that you all of you! Feel free to catalogue every way in which she’s terrible!


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