K12 Inc. says I “may be a good fit” for one of its schools


by David Safier

h/t to Politico's Stephanie Simon for noting this in her article, From China to Chicago, K12 Inc. markets more than virtual schools. (You also might like her Cyber schools flunk, but tax money keeps flowing).

K12 Inc. has a recently added new venture, Insight Schools, targeted to low achieving students who are potential dropouts. Think of it as a cyber-alternative school. As with all K12 Inc. ventures, recruitment is paramount. So at the bottom of the home page, you're asked to fill out a simple online questionnaire to answer the question, "Is Online High School right for you?" I decided to see if I was a good candidate.

  • #1: "I want to earn a high school diploma." I already have one. I answered, No.
  • #2: "Sometimes I like one-on-one attention." Who doesn't? I answered, Yes.
  • #3: "I need to spend more time on certain subjects." Sure I do. I answered, Yes.
  • #4: "I prefer to learn and study at home rather than in a traditional classroom." You know, I've always liked classrooms. I answered, No.
  • #5: "I'm uncomfortable with all the drama at school." I assume this doesn't refer to school plays, and I like the social back-and-forth of the school atmosphere. I answered, No.

Here's the result, based on my responses on the questionnaire:

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 7.31.13 AM

To recap: I don't want a high school diploma, would rather study in a traditional classroom and don't have a problem with all the drama at school, which makes me a good candidate for Insight's Online High School. Reminds me of what someone in the know said about K12 recruiting techniques: "[C]all centers . . . were encouraging enrollment and enrolling students who were obviously ill-suited for learning in a virtual environment."

UPDATE: Stepanie Simon, who wrote the Politico piece, informed me that if you answer "Yes" to any of the 5 questions, you get the "good fit" response above. If you answer "No" across the board, you're directed to talk to an Insight counselor for more guidance. Sounds like there's no "quit" in K12 Inc. when in comes to recruiting.