Kari Lake Plays the Victim Even as She Admits She Maliciously Lied About Recorder Stephen Richer and the 2022 Election

#LyingLoserLake just can’t help but shamelessly lie, deflect, play the victim, and smear her political opponents with coded racist slurs.

She has filed a motion to default in her defense of Maricopa Recorder Stephen Richer’s defamation lawsuit against her for her provable lies about him and his administration during the 2022 election. In her motion, she admits that she lied about Richer with actual malice (which is the standard that must be met when a public official is involved), so that the only issue remaining for the court to decide is the amount of damages she owes Richer. Of course, Lake will seek to make her braindead supporters pay it off for her, so what does she care?

Why did she throw in the towel? Because she wants to avoid compelled discovery prior to the trial. Either she does not want the proof of her malicious lies made public, or perhaps there is evidence she would have to produce that is far more damaging to her than even such proof. My guess is the former; she can, after all, continue to lie to her credulous base that her default is just more ‘lawfare’ to silence her, but it becomes much harder to convince the rubes if the media were daily discussing the actual evidence of her intentional and malicious lying produced in court.

So that’s exactly what she is doing here:

The utter dishonesty of this brief message to supporters is one of the more breathtaking and brazen lies and shameless claims of victimhood I’ve ever seen in politics (outside of Donald Trump, of course, who is wholly without precedent in shameless behavior). Lake maliciously lied about Richer in her campaign to overturn a free and fair election, persisted in those dangerous and personally harmful lies about Richer to the point he felt compelled to sue her to make her stop – and to make her supporters stop threatening to harm him and his family – and to regain his ruined reputation in the community; she then ADMITS that she maliciously lied about Richer before the court, and yet SHE’S still the victim of Richer and his “East Coast Lawyers” (read Jewish…)?

Or, maybe, it could be my later – and much worse – conjecture: there may be evidence she would be compelled to produce in discovery that is FAR MORE damaging to her than merely defaulting on the defamation suit. Possibly even evidence that would tend to incriminate her in the financial shenanigans connected with her business and campaign finance ties to Superfeed, which are starting to look very legally suspect, indeed. Producing evidence that could incriminate her might cost her far worse than whatever financial penalty the jury might assess against her in Richer’s defamation suit? Evidence of criminal wrongdoing coming to light could cost her freedom and the still very real chance she could still be elected Arizona’s next Senator.

In either case, #LyingLoserLake’s lying and losing are really starting to pile up the liabilities in her public profile. She is now an adjudicated and admitted malicious liar, and everyone in Arizona will surely soon know it – I suspect we can rely on Ruben Gallego to ensure that message is broadcast. Of course, that hasn’t stopped Trump – who is also known as a liar, as well as a sexual predator and a fraud, to boot – so why should such liabilities stop Lake?

But perhaps this will give yet more reasonable people who used to identify and vote Republican yet more reasons not to vote for Lake, possibly dooming her candidacy before the general election even officially begins. If he has any sense whatsoever, Mark Lamb would exploit this to the hilt. But, of course, he’s a liar and fraud, too, so he isn’t really in a good position to impeach Lake about her lies. MAGA has totally screwed the AZGOP’s chance to field an effective and credible candidate in a race that may well determine control of the U.S. Senate.

I really am consistently amazed and dismayed by how utterly incompetent and vile the MAGA movement has become, and how thoroughly they have poisoned the Republican brand in Arizona. I feel rather bad for the honest and decent conservatives who once had a home in what they believed was a sincere ideologically motivated party presenting real policy contrasts with Democrats. Now these decent Americans either have to just withdraw their vote from Republicans and refuse to vote, or to vote for the real conservatives in American politics who are fighting to preserve our democracy, our values and traditions, and our long-standing laws and norms: The Democrats.

I look forward to the days ahead when we might once again honestly debate over the policies that would actually most benefit our society, instead of having to fend off a farrago of lies told by a pack of poltroons and grifters who only seek personal aggrandizement, financial advantage, and power over others for power’s sake.

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  1. I hope KKKrazy KKKari says/does something really stupid that leaves her open to a second lawsuit from Richer, a’la MAGAmoron trump and E. Jean Carroll. It would be awesome for Loser Lake to be stuck with a $90MM judgement.


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