Kate Gallego and Greg Stanton Hail Bipartisan Infrastructure Dollars to Improve Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Accompanied by White House Infrastructure Tsar (and former New Orlean’s Mayor) Mitch Landrieu, Arizona Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding, and airport and union leaders, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and House Representative (and former Mayor) Greg Stanton hailed the $194 million investment from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to add a new taxiway and help modernize Sky Harbor Airport. As the below social media posts from Mayor Gallego, Representative Stanton, and Mr. Landrieu can attest, this will make aircraft movement at the airport smoother, better get passengers to their destinations, deliver supplies faster, and help create good-paying jobs.

Gallego and Stanton both thanked the Biden/Harris Administration for their work on infrastructure that will help one of the main economic engines of the state: Sky Harbor Airport.


On the new investment for Sky Harbor, Mayor Gallego, according to reporting by Cronkite News-Arizona PBS stated:

“Your planes are likely to take off more quickly, and you’ll spend less time on the tarmac both landing and taking off. When we have tough storms, like the one we did last night, having a bigger, better tarmac will allow us to adapt and have more ability to keep planes flying. This is a very exciting project for us.”

Representative Stanton offered:

“One of the very best qualities and most significant competitive advantages of Sky Harbor is that it’s right at the very center of our region right next to downtown, but that also means that land is a little bit scarce. Instead of growing larger, we have to grow smarter.”

Mayor Gallego also told reporters that more will need to done with Phoenix Sky Harbor, relaying:

“With traffic quickly rebounding to pre-pandemic levels, and nearly $6 billion of unmet infrastructure needs at Sky Harbor alone. Many more improvements are necessary to keep up with our passenger growth and demand.”

In a video conversation (see below) between Representative Stanton and Mr. Landrieu, the Arizona Congressman reminded everyone how important the infrastructure plan is not just for the airport but for spreading broadband to rural and tribal areas as well as water infrastructure for the Grand Canyon State.