Kate Gallego For Phoenix City Council


Posted by Bob Lord

Judged by how they affect our everyday lives, the votes we cast in local elections are the most important votes we cast. I’m supporting Kate Gallego for Phoenix City Council. Kate’s married to Ruben Gallego, but that’s besides the point. She had proven herself an effective leader when she was still Kate Widland. She is the longest serving Chair of the Phoenix Environmental Quality Commission (EQC). In that role, she championed the recently approved Complete Streets program, which ensures that city streets are designed to serve pedestrians, wheelchairs, and cyclists in addition to cars. Near to my heart, she was the founding Chair of the Commission’s Solar Energy Subcommittee, leading the effort to establish Phoenix’s goal of 15% of its energy from solar and other renewable energy, which Greg Stanton then championed at the city council.  She was one of the first in Arizona to work with the solar energy industry at the city level to simplify the permitting process and reduce fees.  It’s vital to our quality of life that Kate be able to continue her long-time advocacy of solar energy as a city councilwoman. 

As voters and activists, we always should have our eye out for future stars, and do what we can to ensure the launch of their political careers is successful. From that perspective, the Phoenix CD8 election represents a huge opportunity for progressives. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Kate.

If you want to send her a few bucks or learn more, here's her website.


  1. I understand your point, Angel, but this is a left-leaning political blog compiled by a unpaid writers. Yes, we’re biased. What political blog isn’t biased? For example, chances are you’re not going to read *anything* nice about Jeff Flake, John McCain, Jon Kyl, Jan Brewer, Tom Horne, Mitt Romney, Joe Arpaio, or most of the Arizona Legislature on BfAZ. (But that doesn’t mean we give the Dems a pass. We rag on them some, too.)

    Thorough unbiased coverage of all candidates in all races is something the “real news” outlets should provide since they have paid staff and budgets. (BTW, I have no opinion re: this race.)

  2. It’s early in the campaign. There will be other posts here, and I doubt our readers rely on this site as their exclusive source of information anyhow. And you’re of course free to write a comment informing readers about the other candidates.

    I’m not sure it’s my place to eductate the electorate on all the candidates, as you suggest. I’m supporting one of them. Anything I say would be biased. I think it’s more appropriate if I make the argument for Kate, and let the other candidates and their supporters make the arguments for themselves.

  3. We can agree to disagree on who is best for this position, but shouldn’t readers be informed of the other two candidates running for that position and a little background on them as well? I understand this was intended to be an endorsement article, but you can endorse and educate the electorate on all the candidates at the same time.