The AZ Data Guru at the Secretary of State’s office makes it official: Democrat Katie Hobbs is our new Secretary of State.

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The Arizona Republic reports, Katie Hobbs declares victory in Arizona secretary of state’s race:

Democrat Katie Hobbs declared victory Friday night in the race to be Arizona’s next secretary of state.

In a press statement, Hobbs thanked her campaign and supporters. She and Republican Steve Gaynor had been locked in a close contest for days as more votes are tallied.

“As Secretary of State, I will work to ensure that every eligible voter — Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, Libertarian — can cast your ballot with the confidence that your vote counts and your voice matters, and do so in a way that is meaningful and convenient for you,” Hobbs said.

Gaynor called Hobbs before 7 p.m. to concede.

“It was an honor to be the Republican nominee,” he posted on Twitter shortly afterward. “Many thanks to everyone who supported my campaign. Best of luck to Katie.”

Hobbs’ election is a major victory for Democrats, who spent more than $3 million to boost her campaign. The party hasn’t held Arizona’s No. 2 executive office since early 1995.

Her declaration came hours after Gov. Doug Ducey congratulated her for winning.

There are still ballots yet to be tabulated.

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The only race still too close to call is in Legislative District 28 Senate race.

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State Sen. Kate Brophy McGee has consistently maintained a lead in this race, but her margin continues to narrow. It is unclear how many of those 60,000 Maricopa County ballots are from LD 28.

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