Keeping out the Undesirables

Just so we don’t feel so alone in our xenophobic frenzy as we build the 700 miles of walls along our border with Mexico the Sensenbrenner bill mandates, Saudi Arabia is planning a 560-mile fence along its Iraq border.

What could be more American than emulating the Saudis?

0 responses to “Keeping out the Undesirables

  1. Any public policy that is based primarily on fear, no matter how well-intended, will always result in a giant step in the wrong direction.

  2. The Fence would be built in populated areas only and technology would be used in the other two thirds on the 3,000 miles of Southern Border, as it is being used in Iraq today along its border with Jordan; UAV’S, Lighting, Sensors,Satellite,Signal Tech,Cameras, and most important of all Human Boots on the ground.

    The Northern Border must have the same “Smart Use” plans depending on topography.

    The ports must be upgraded with radar scanning devices that some local areas are now fighting, as we fought the installation of “Doplar Radar” in Tucson, because of cancer concerns.

    I have called for “Habitat Friendly” barriers to be built in the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, similar to what has been used successfully at The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum to keep in the animals and keep out the people.

    In building a “Habitat Friendly” zone we can work with the Mexican Government on an approach from both sides of the border not just our side.

    I have contacted The Mexican Consulates to try to work out what needs to be done in The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area to make this a model of co-operation between The Government of Mexico and The United States.