Kevin Dahl: The Best Candidate for Pima County Attorney is Already in Office

Kevin Dahl is Vice Mayor and Council Member of the City of Tucson.

Tucson Council Member Kevin Dahl and Pima County Attorney Laura Conover

Arizonans are constantly reminded of the high stakes of this election cycle, and how clear our choice is between real solutions and dangerous ideas. It is vital for our country, and our county, to bring or keep the right people in office and make sure that candidates with self-serving and alarming views aren’t elected to represent us.

In the critical race for Pima County attorney, the best person for the job is already there. I’m a proud supporter of Laura Conover for re-election.

Laura was first elected when COVID-19 and violent crime were at their worst, and she hit the ground running. Facing a backlog of nearly 150 unresolved cases, some over five years old, and a worn-out and demoralized workforce, Laura rose to the challenge. Our county attorney tackled the backlog in homicide cases, made support for the victims a priority, and turned things around for her workforce.

Laura was a leader in Pima County from Day 1 and proved she was a leader in the state of Arizona, too.

When the national right to reproductive freedom was tragically and recklessly removed by the Dobbs decision, Laura fought the state government to maintain that right in Arizona, protecting our rights for almost the last two years after our former Republican attorney general sought to bring back the Civil War-era abortion ban.un

I join some of Arizona’s great leaders in being a big fan of Laura, among them U.S. Reps. Raul Grijalva and Ruben Gallego, Mayor Regina Romero, Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, Attorney General Kris Mayes, and many more. We recognize talent, integrity, and tenacity when we see it, and we recognize Pima County and Arizona need it in our leaders more than ever.

Endorsing Laura’s run to continue to serve Pima County would always be an easy decision. It becomes crystal clear, however, when I look at her opponent.

Mike Jette is running for Pima County attorney as a Democrat. He claims to be a lifelong Democrat, which makes it difficult to explain his previous run for county attorney as a registered Republican.

His registration may have changed, but it sure looks like his politics haven’t. His campaign is being funded by radical right-wing groups, and organizations like the ultra-MAGA Goldwater Institute are calling for him to be elected. They say, “follow the money,” and if we follow that advice, what kind of ideas might we find Mike Jette supporting? Not the common-sense but brave efforts Laura Conover has spent her time in office following. More like ideas that make the greedy special interests and the dangerous right-wing radicals inclined to spend their money.

This election cycle is vitally important to Pima County and to our country. Depending on who we the people elect, we could have officials working to enshrine protection for reproductive rights at every level, or officials who will work day and night to take them away. We could have people tackling violent crime with compassionate solutions that help, not hurt, our most vulnerable, or people who use the all too real threat of crime to justify cruel policies that only cause needless suffering. Knowing where his money comes from, what direction might Mike Jette go if he’s elected?

Our very environment itself is at stake this year, and Arizonans know this more than anyone in our nation. We face threats from unprecedented hot summers, which has turned deadly for our most at-risk neighbors. Our precious water is dwindling, and greedy outside interests are eager to take every last drop for themselves. The people who are gleefully burning our planet for profit are using every tool they can, not least of all the law, to advance their dangerous schemes. When those fights come to court, do we want a proven leader with a moral code like Laura Conover? Or do we want someone like Mike Jette, whose convictions change to match those who fund him?

I know what choice I’m making. I proudly endorse Laura Conover to continue her fight for Pima County.

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