Know your anti-choice Democratic candidates in Arizona. Part 3.



My pal Dr. Angela Cotera, who has contributed to this blog, is running in the Democratic primary for the Senate seat in LD19 being vacated by Anna Tovar this year. Her opponent is Rep. Lupe Contreras. Contreras signed a pledge in support of overturning Roe v Wade and of the idea that personhood begins at conception. Cotera, who is a smarty-pants research astrophysicist, explained in very succinct terms why Contreras is dead wrong in an endorsement profile with Planned Parenthood of Arizona:

The “Pro-Life Proclamation” that he signed called for all Arizona legislators to make sure that full citizenship rights begin the moment an egg is fertilized. This basically would mean that women have no more rights than an incubator, which is outrageous. I believe that all women have sovereignty over their own bodies, and no one has a right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do within her own body. I believe that all health care decisions should be private, particularly those which involve the most intensely personal aspect of our lives, reproduction. We must protect the rights in Roe v. Wade because we cannot return to a time when women died due to self-induced abortions.

Preach! Vote for pro-choice Democrat Angela Cotera in LD19.


  1. Thanks for posting. Women need to be watchful for posers like Contereras. He was pro-choice before he was anti-choice. We don’t need opportunistic flip-floppers.

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