Koch-blocker Doug MacEachern: ‘No transparency and disclosures in campaign finances for you!’


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MacEachernThe Arizona Republic's
resident GOPropagandist for the conservative media entertainment complex, Doug MacEachern, is a sad and pathetic creature. He lives in the conspiracy theory hate-filled world of talk radio and FAUX News. Like Sméagol in The Lord of The Rings, it has turned him into Gollum.

I recently took The Arizona Republic to task for its lack of investigative journalism into the dark money web of "Kochtopus" organizations operating out of the Phoenix area right under its nose. The media is supposed to be the 'watchdog of democracy,' not the media arm of the GOP.

Doug MacEachern appears to be the Koch-blocker editor responsible for preventing such investigative reporting, with GOPropaganda love letters to the "Kochtopus" like this recent opinion. For liberals, Kochs and tea party are evil personified:

The settlement reached Thursday in California over anonymous campaign contributions was one of those good-news, bad-news things.

The good news? Two nameless, faceless Arizona-based non-profits that
funneled $16 million into California ballot-measure campaigns got their
knuckles whacked, and hard.

The bad news is that the California public officials who negotiated
the settlement, which included a $1 million fine, just couldn’t resist
topping off their big victory with a cheap-shot partisan dig:

The two Arizona groups, they said, “operated as part of the ‘Koch
Brothers Network’ of dark money political non-profit corporations.”

“Koch Brothers” — a reference to a couple of rich guys who dare
contribute to conservative causes — is a well-worn, all-purpose liberal
epithet for perceived conservative villainy. Everything about the word
“Koch” sets liberal hair afire.

Daddy Koch, an oilman, helped create the John Birch Society. Two of
the sons, Charles and David, have grown the family enterprise into a
multibillion-dollar Ayn Rand-ian slap at liberal sensibilities. They
even dare call it “Koch Industries,” the wicked, post-post-industrial devils.

But to liberals, the villainy of all villainies is that they contribute lots of money to conservative causes.

They incite conservative activism. They fund groups that organize and
encourage other conservatives to get active in politics. And to vote.
And that just cannot be tolerated.

This is where Gollum's MacEachern's hate-filled conspiracy theory is WRONG. What pisses off right-thinking Americans of all stripes, including liberals, is that these billionaire bastard brothers contribute "dark money" to a network of secretive organizations that launder the money so that it is untraceable, without any transparency or disclosure as to the contributor and the amount. This is a corruption of the democratic process, and undermines our political institutions. The Arizona Republic has published numerous opinions decrying the influence of these "dark money" organizations on politics.

But for Doug MacEachern: "No transparency and disclosures in campaign finances for you!" Koch-blocked.

And for the record, MacEachern, liberals want this practice to end for everyone, not just conservative groups. Full transparency, full disclosure. Period. Full stop.

So where does Gollum MacEachern divert attention from the issue at hand in his love letter to the "Kochtopus"? No, not "Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!" (that will be his next opinion now that Sen. John McCain's puppet boy, Little Lindsey Graham, is threatening to hold up executive nominations as he uses the Senate for his personal playground in his reelection campaign against Tea Party opponents). MacEachern resorts to the repeatedly discredited scandal conspiracy theory about how Tea Party groups were unfairly targeted by the IRS, and throws in ACORN and Planned Parenthood for good measure.

Remember where MacEachern writes "Everything about the word 'Koch' sets liberal hair afire"? Yeah, pot, meet kettle. ACORN — like that.

And where's the New Black Panthers? Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Professor Bill Ayres? The original birth certificate? C'mon you slacker, what kind of lazy GOPropagandist are you? You couldn't carry Sean Hannity's jockstrap!

This is your brain on the conservative media entertainment complex — it is the functional equivalent of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, commonly known as mad cow disease. Let Doug MacEachern serve as a warning to you as to why you should turn off the radio and FAUX News. It may save your sanity.

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