Koch-Funded Prof Back Again with Lecture Against Public Schools

Assistant Professor Jonathan Anomaly
Assistant Professor Jonathan Anomaly

Remember professor Jonny Anomaly? When faced with public outrage last September, he canceled his anti-public school lecture at a Koch-funded University of Arizona class in Tucson.

Like Jack Nicholson in The Shining…he’s back. Anomaly will present “Public Goods and Education” on Thursday, January 25 at 12:30 pm in the Maloney Room, Social Science building 224, on the UofA Campus in Tucson.

The class description reads:

“But public financing of education can produce negative externalities by creating perverse incentives, and a public monopoly on the delivery of education can discourage experimentation and turn schools into an outlet for intellectual fads and political propaganda.”

“I conclude with a note of skepticism about the desirability of direct government involvement in education, even if it plays a limited role in financing it through vouchers, grants, or loans that can be redeemed at accredited schools.”

This talk is directly from the propaganda playbook of the right-wing Koch Brothers, their front group Americans for Prosperity, and their toady — anti-education Governor Doug Ducey.

The dark-money Charles G. Koch foundation donated $1 million to the UofA to create the “Center for the Philosophy of Freedom,” which is a think tank designed to turn students into future lobbyists for the right-wing, anti-education foundation.

Bogus economic analysis

Concerned parents, teachers, and elected representatives should attend to ask why a publicly-funded university is being utilized as an indoctrination tool to sabotage publicly-funded education.

The abstract of Assistant Professor Anomaly’s September talk describes education as a “good,” like a box of cereal, which students “consume.” The lecture makes a bogus economic analysis of  “markets for education,” as if it were a product to be bought and sold.

The lecture is a diatribe against unions and “bureaucrats with monopoly power.” It is a clear example of how dark money politics are subverting higher education in Arizona.

UA Professor David Gibbs

For an opposing view, come to today’s presentation by UofA history professor David N. Gibbs, who will speak about getting the Koch Brothers out of the UofA campus. Gibbs will speak at the Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting at Noon today at Dragon’s View, 400 N Bonita Ave. in Tucson.

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3 thoughts on “Koch-Funded Prof Back Again with Lecture Against Public Schools”

  1. Have Ravitch or Berliner offer to have a direct debate with this troll. Aren’t you all for free speech, then have competing speech forthwith.

    • He is a troll, a paid troll, and your point about a debate with someone like Ravitch is brilliant.

    • Amen. It is about engaging in a debate about ideas! Also, not sure how Bodine can characterize a UA talk that has not yet happened… Unless he has read the paper that will be presented, of course… If so, could you share it? Or the online link to have access to the actual work of professor Anomaly?

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