‘Krazy Kari’ Lake’s Homelessness Plan: ‘Get Treatment, Go To Jail, Or Get Going’

“Krazy Kari” Lake, the Big Lie election denier MAGA candidate for governor of Arizona who has embraced far-right fringe figures and QAnon activists, once again tried to lecture the media in her snotty demeaning way, but it didn’t go down well.

Crooks and Liars reports, Reporter Confronts Kari Lake, Wasn’t Taking Any Of Her Sh*t:

Lake was called out for trying to make the homelessness problem in her state all about her. She appears to have narcissistic traits, just like her hero, Donald Trump, and it’s especially evident in this clip when she had an exchange with reporter Brahm Reznik, who was in no mood for her sh*t.

“The media never covers the homeless problem,” Lake said while lecturing reporters standing in front of her to cover the homeless problem. “Not a single one of you have tried to cover this story. You get caught up in a bunch of b.s. stories that the public doesn’t care about.”

“Have you read any of the extensive media coverage on what’s happened here?” Reznik asked Kari. “Are you even aware of it?”

“Aware of what?” Lake asks.

“The media coverage that you say is not happening,” the reporter said.

“On me, I’m talking about me,” she said. “You guys have not covered my policy, Brahm. You haven’t covered my policy. You can sit there and smile with that grin on your face, but that’s why no one watches you. Your 10 o’clock newscast has only 2,000 viewers.”

“We cover this all the time,” he told Lake. “Other media…”

Lake interrupted to say, “You haven’t covered my policy.”

Reznik shot back, “So, is it all about you? Is that what it is?”

Again, Lake said, “You choose to cover bogus stories. That’s why no one watches you,” before bringing up that odd claim about 2,000 viewers again.

“Congratulations, Kari,” Reznik said. “It’s always about you.”

I suspect her taking a shot at Reznik about the 2,000 viewers in the devaluation phase of how a narcissist treats their victim. As for Lake’s homelessness policy, it sucks. I skimmed through it.

“As Governor, I will give the people who are choosing this drug and alcohol-fueled street lifestyle a choice: get treatment, go to jail, or get going,” her policy states. “There are plenty of blue states willing to indulge their destructive behavior. Under my leadership, Arizona won’t be one of them.”

Right, that’s the discard phase a narcissist goes through with their victim.

What comes next: Soylent Green. “Krazy Kari” Lake doesn’t give a damn about the homeless, she is just using them as props in this media stunt.

Arizona’s Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s chief election official, is grounded in reality. She knows the election wasn’t stolen. Kari Lake is delusional, and she lacks the empathy gene to fix the homeless problem in her state.

As for the “bogus” stories covered by the media, Lake is probably referring to Trump being investigated for espionage. That’s kind of a big deal, punkin’.