Kyrsten Sinema Stakes Out 5 Positions in US Senate Race

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema

In her first fundraising letter, Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema stakes out five issues she will campaign on in the race for US Senator from Arizona:

  • Women’s health and reproductive rights. “I’ve earned perfect scores and endorsements from choice groups, and will defend reproductive health care, including access to affordable birth control, against all threats in the U.S. Senate. It’s wrong for politicians to use women’s health to score political points.”
  • Equal pay for equal work. “Women in Arizona still make 83 cents for every dollar a man earns for the doing the exact same work. I’ll fight in the U.S. Senate for pay equity for women, so Arizona families can make ends meet.”
  • Energy conservation and natural resource management. “We must be good stewards of the earth to protect our natural resources and promote clean energy to boost our economy and mitigate the effects of climate change.”
  • LGBTQ rights. “LGBT rights are under attack. No one should live in fear of losing a job or home because of who they are or who they love.”
  • Smart investments in infrastructure and innovation. “In the U.S. Senate, I’ll work across party lines to create good-paying jobs, strengthen communities, and give middle-class families the tools they need to succeed.”

Krysten Sinema, 41, is a three-term Democratic member of the U.S. House representing Arizona’s 9th Congressional District based in suburban Phoenix.  In her first race in 2012, she won with 49 percent; she was re-elected in 2014 and 2016 with 55 percent and 61 percent of the vote, respectively.

She is considered one of the most moderate, bipartisan, aisle-crossing Democrats in all of D.C.

Sinema is running for the US Senate seat occupied by unpopular incumbent Jeff Flake, a pro-Trump voter and anti-Trump talker who said he will not run again. In the Democratic primary, Sinema is running against political unknowns Deedra Abboud, Bob Bishop, Chris Russell and Richard Sherzan.

On the GOP side, right-wing fringe candidate Kelli Ward will be a primary opponent for Rep. Martha McSally of Tucson, who has recently wrapped herself around Trump.

The Cook Political Report said the Senate race was a “tossup” and the New York Times called her bid a “worrisome sign for Republicans.” Sinema has the support of EMILY’s List, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Senate Majority PAC.

“I’ve led the charge to fix veterans health care and make sure our veterans have access to the benefits they deserve because no one who comes home after serving our country should ever feel like they have nowhere to tum. I’ve worked across party lines to protect seniors and make it easier to report suspected financial abuse. I’ve pushed for lower student loan rates and expanded tools to help families save and pay for college or vocational or technical school,” her fundraising letter says.

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12 thoughts on “Kyrsten Sinema Stakes Out 5 Positions in US Senate Race”

  1. by the way despite my dislike of cinema’s machinations. I will not vote for her in the primary ;but I will hold my nose and vote for her in the general as she is better then a republican.

  2. “She is considered one of the most moderate, bipartisan, aisle-crossing Democrats in all of D.C.”. And that’s the problem, she crosses the aisle too eagerly to vote for horrible GOP legislation.

    One of the worst Democrats in Congress. Which is why Chuck Schumer wants her and is interfering in Party primaries. Pulling the same crap in Nevada with Jackie Rosen.

    Sinema may take the positions outlined above but the moment Wall Street snaps their fingers she’ll drop them. Except maybe LGBTQ rights which personally affect her.

    Surely the AZ Democratic Party can do better while telling Schumer shove it?

    • Reaching across the aisle to solve the opioid crisis would be good.

      But when Sinema reaches across the aisle her votes land on Wall Street.

    • good luck with that. sinema’s position is what ever helps her. a hillary clinton clone if their ever was one!

      • Captain, why do you always have to drag the epically and dishonestly smeared Hillary into everything? Perhaps, when you keep posting that nonsense, it’s time you were busted to buck private? :O)

      • You are obsessed with Clinton conspiracies. If a post talks about dog catchers in Marana you bring up the Clintons. Stay on topic.

        • dishonestly smeared? she didn’t vote for the iraq war so the republicans couldn’t use it against her and then came out with a pseudo apology when she realized the democratic party was using her iraq war vote against her and supporting obama. and what was her “real” position tpp? again sinema positions are what ever helps her win. dead on topic. not worshipping clinton is what got me censored in the first place!

          • You’re not wrong, Cap, Clinton is not my favorite, either.

            But Bill is now officially a boat anchor around her neck, with the Dems and Hollywood purging perv’s, so you can let it go.

            HRC ain’t coming back.

        • He’s the proverbial shoehorn boy. No matter the topic he will shoehorn his irrational Clinton hatred into it.

          • I dont hate clinton I just don’t vote for opportunist warmongers. I am old enough to remember democrats in congress selling their souls to support the vietnam war they did not believe in.

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