Lamenting Lena’s Leaving


Lena Saradnik is a classy dame. Everyone who meets her is inspired by her enthusiasm, her personal charm, and her dedication to public service. She never forgets the humanity of those she disagrees with, and that is too rare a trait in politics these days.

So it was with great sadness – sadness that I know is shared by the entire community – that I wish her and Steve all the best as they focus on her health and continue their journey back to wellness.

Of course, everyone is now wondering who will step forward to be nominated by the elected PCs of LD 26 for selection by the Board of Supervisors to replace her. Whomever it is will need to be able to step up and fill some very capable shoes in a very short period of time. With the session beginning on the 14th, the selectee will be stepping into the torrent midstream.

The name that everyone immediately mentions is Don Jorgenson, who has already filed to run as Lena’s seat-mate. It looks very likely that he will be nominated and selected to take her seat. I think the entire party in LD 26 is firmly behind Don, and his selection will be fairly uneventful. I would be surprised if anyone stepped forward to actually challenge Don. Instead, I think it likely that some party regulars will allow themselves to be nominated pro forma.

Cheryl Cage is a name that will be familiar to all in LD 26, as she was instrumental in helping the Democrats to victory with her role in both Lena Seradnik’s and Charlene Pesqiuera’s campaigns. I don’t know if Cheryl is interested in challenging Don, but now that the primary is very likely clear, I could certainly see Cheryl putting herself forward for the second seat that Don would have ran for.

Everyone else who might have occurred to me as possible claimants of Lena’s seat have said that they back Don. I will be sure to update with any further developments but I think Lena’s replacement will be much less upsetting for the party than Lena’s resignation has been.


  1. I would like to add my condolences to Lena’s departure from office. I think she has made a wise decision in placing her health ahead of he civic responsibilities. No doubt we’ll be seeing her on the scene again soon.

    As for this would it be impolite to say “horse’s ass” Dwight and his fawning over the Bonanno’s, get a clue! They’re not called mafiosos because they deliver pizza! Murder, extortion, mayhem, drug addiction, and violence are their stock in trade.

  2. For such a petite woman, Lena leaves some very large shoes to fill. I hope that Cheryl will either seek the nomination to replace Lena or run along side with Don if he gets the nod.

    Salette Latas would have been a good candidate were she not running for Oro Valley Town Council.

    To Dwight: Making Bonanno out to be anything more than the criminal that he was proves that you are seriously out of touch with reality and should drop any pretense that you are running for Congress. (or are you in bed with the Mafia??)

  3. Like Michael, I am terribly saddened by Lena’s retirement. I want to also salute her husband, Steve, who provided such solid support both to her candidacy and then to her time in the legislature. You can well imagine that having your wife in the limelight, running back and forth to Phoenix would not be something many husbands would welcome – let alone support. He is always pleasant and cheerful to everyone, but it was clear that it was Lena’s show and that he was happy and honored to be her consort, in the background. Let’s hear it for Steve Saradnik!!!!!

  4. Today was also a sad day for my Family and myself as our Funeral Home held services for the passing of a long time Family friend Bill Bonano who died suddenly of a heart attack.

    I knew Joe his father very well and have a personally signed book from him “Man Of Honor” saying we are Family.

    Alot of mis-information has been going around for many many years concerning Joe and Bill and it saddens me about local politicians and certain Law Enforcement Agencies who took advantage of situations for personal political gain at the expense of Joe.