Last Thoughts on Phoenix City Council Races

Posted by Bob Lord

Okay, this one is really late, but I've been traveling a bit. 

I thought the results in both the CD8 and CD4 races were exactly right. 

In CD8, it was important that Kate Gallego win in a blowout, as she did. As I wrote previously, the attacks on Kate were vicious and baseless. In that sort of race, the candidate who engaged in those tactics not only should lose, but should lose big. There were many young people involved in the Gallego campaign. What a great experience for them to prevail taking the high road. For them and others to see brass knuckle tactics fail so miserably provides at least a little hope that our wretched election system could one day work better. 

CD4 was a hard fought race. It got nasty at times, but nothing like CD8. In the end, Justin Johnson's unfortunate answer to a question at a forum likely cost him the election. If so, it's the right result, but it should go no further than this election. Justin is young. He's entitled to make mistakes along the way, as long as he learns from them. If he learns from this one, there's no reason why he shouldn't earn our trust in the future. From that perspective, it's good this race was close. And, speaking of learning from mistakes, that's exactly what Laura Pastor did. Six years ago, the reports were that she lost because she was outworked on the ground. Reports this time are that her ground game was excellent. Good for her.  

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