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Today is targeted to be the last day for completion of tabulating ballots, however it could take days for Maricopa and Pima Counties to verify and tabulate all of the remaining early and provisional ballots.

According to the AZ Data Guru, there are still 147,000 ballots left to be counted statewide, 126,000 of those in Maricopa County and 19,400 in Pima County.

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Only one race remains too close to call: Secretary of State. However, Democrat Katie Hobbs maintains a lead greater than the statutory trigger for an automatic recount (less than or equal to the lesser amount of one-tenth of 1 percent, or 200 votes).

Here are the latest numbers:

U.S. Senate (open)

Kyrsten Sinema (R)        1,110,045
Martha McSally  (D)       1,071,970
Angela Green (GRN)           52,905

Sinema leads by 38,075; declared the winner

Secretary of State

Katie Hobbs (D)             1,095,843
Steve Gaynor (R)           1,090,886

Hobbs leads by   4,957

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kathy Hoffman (D)        1,104,481
Frank Riggs (R)              1,050,701

Hoffman leads by 53,780; declared the winner

Corporation Commission (2 seats)

Sandra Kennedy (D)     1,004,281
Justin Olson (R)               994,155
Rodney Glassman (R)    989,820
Kiana Sears (D)                937,318

Kennedy leads by 10,126 for the first seat; she has declared victory

UPDATE: Despite GOP claims, there is no evidence of voter fraud in Arizona. “They’ve offered no proof of their claims, other than pointing to the slow vote-counting process — which is still ongoing.” Steller column: Slow Arizona vote-counting doesn’t show fraud.

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  1. Now Hobbs ahead by 13,171 so the lead is widening. And Kennedy’s lead is 16, 642 and I heard she has declared victory for this Corp. Commission race.

  2. Will Pima County Elections finish today? Still waiting for only close race left for PCC Governing Bd. District 5:

    Luis Gonzales 22,138
    Debi Chess Mabie 21,352

    Stay tuned. This is an open seat as the incumbent Luis Gonzales (with same name) is not running for re-election.

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