Lauren Kuby Wants to Be Part of a New Democratic Majority in the Arizona State Senate

Arizona LD Eight Senate Candidate Lauren Kuby.

Through their largely unsupported policies of restricting reproductive freedom, shifting public funds to private schools that benefit the wealthy, tax cuts that help those that do not need it, and attempting to suppress the people’s access to the ballot box, Arizona Legislative Republicans have opened the door for Democrats to potentially gain the majority in both houses of the State Legislature this November. 

Former Tempe Vice Mayor and Councilmember Lauren Kuby would like to be part of that majority when the new legislature meets in January 2025. 

Running as a write-in candidate in Arizona Legislative District (LD) Eight, a largely Democratic dominated area that includes parts of Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, and the Salt River Pima–Maricopa Indian Community, Kuby, if elected, would work to:

  • Combat climate change.
  • Protect reproductive freedom. 
  • Protect democracy and voting rights.
  • Advocate for public schools.
  • Champion affordable housing. 

Former Vice Mayor Kuby graciously took the time to interview with Blog for Arizona and discuss her unusual write-in campaign for the LD Eight Senate Seat. 

The questions and her responses are below. 

  • Please tell the readers why you are running for the State Senate in LD Eight. 

“First and foremost, I’m running to prevent a safe Democratic seat from going to the Republicans. We were left without a candidate when the only Democrat running for the State Senate in LD Eight dropped out.If we don’t write-in a candidate on the July 30th primary ballot, there won’t be a Democrat on the ballot in November. Should I get a minimum of 405 voters to write in my name in and fill in the bubble on their July primary ballot, I’ll be on the ballot come November.”

“LD Eight is progressive district that includes North and Central Tempe, a little sliver of West Mesa, parts of Phoenix and South Scottsdale and the Salt River Pima–Maricopa Indian Community. I am running to be a champion for climate change action, abortion access, for democracy and voting rights, and affordable housing.These are but a few of the urgent issues we need to address in the next two years of the Governor’s term. There’s quite a long list! We also need to stand up and champion cities because cities are the incubators of innovation in our state. For so many reasons, it is all-important that Governor Hobbs has a Democratic Legislature.”

  •  Please tell us at least three issues you will be running on in this race. 

“Fundamentally, I am a climate candidate and an advocate for climate solutions. We are in the midst of a climate crisis in Arizona, evidenced by our extreme heat, historic drought, increased frequency and intensity of wildfires, flooding, poor air quality, and the need to support a just transition for coal-based communities. I’m a newly minted grandmother, and I don’t want the decisions made today to constrain the choices and freedoms that my granddaughter should have when she’s older. We have not responded effectively to the climate crisis as a state. Cities, universities, and businesses are leading the way in Arizona, and it’s about time that the Legislature stepped up to enable the transition to a clean energy economy.”

“Abortion access is the second issue. I find it hard to comprehend that my grandbaby Rory was born into a world where her reproductive freedom is restricted, and her life is endangered, by the decisions of Republican extremists and zealots who are forcing their beliefs on the rest of us. Should I win my write-in campaign, I’ll be running alongside a ballot initiative that is fundamental to our freedom, healthcare access, and reproductive justice. I plan to be a surrogate for Abortion Access and speak out loud and clear for our human rights and the right to abortion and health care.”

“Then there is the existential need for affordable and workforce housing. The State of Arizona needs to fully fund the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and supercharge collaborations with cities and affordable housing developers — a unique subgroup — to build affordable and workforce housing and create healthy communities. I led ASU’s Stardust Center for Affordable Homes and the Family and understand the interconnectedness of housing, health, transportation, and climate solutions. “

“Finally, we need to strengthen our democracy and voting rights — to ensure that we don’t continue to weaken the ballot initiative process, as Legislative Republicans have done recently. We need to encourage people to vote, not suppress the vote. Coming right from the Salt River project race, where only one percent of ratepayers vote in a profoundly broken system, I want to ensure that all ratepayers receive a ballot.”

  • How will your campaign persuade Democrats, Independents, and like-minded Republicans to support your candidacy in 2024 and turn out for you?

“I have a two-part answer to that! A write-in campaign is a bird of a different feather. For the July 30th Primary Election, I need a minimum of 405 Democrats (and Independents who request a Democratic ballot) to write-in my name, spell it correctly, and fill in the bubble. If they don’t write me in, we will not have a Democrat on the November ballot. Scary.”

“LD8 voters are looking for a champion, an advocate who represents their values and will fight against bad bills if we fail to gain a majority and get stuff done if we gain a majority   I need to show LD Eight voters the risk of not writing my name in -– we would lose a safe Democratic seat and fail to gain that hoped-for majority in the Legislature.”

“In the General Election, my focus will shift toward distinguishing myself from my extreme Republican opponent as well as increasing the turnout for Ruben Gallego, Corporation Commission, and down-ballot candidates as we turn Arizona blue.”

  • Is there anything not covered on the first three questions that you want the readers to know about you and your candidacy? Please explain. 

“I was energized to launch a campaign in 24 hours. I gained the immediate support of UFCW Local 99, the Arizona Pipe Trades 469, Unite HERE, Arizona List, AZNow, and Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter. Respected Democratic leaders such as Attorney General Kris Mayes, Congressman Greg Stanton, State Senator Mitzi Epstein, Corporation Commissioner Anna Tovar endorsed me as well. We all have the same goal – to protect this Senate seat. There is no path to a Democratic majority in the state senate without a win.”

 “I represent the values of working families. I am myself a union member with United Campus Workers, which is part of the Communications Workers of America. I’m eager to win this write-in race and give voice to the varied and diverse communities in West Mesa, South Scottsdale, parts of Phoenix, a big chunk of Tempe, and SRP-MIC.”

Ballots for the Primary Election will arrive in mailboxes shortly after July 4th, and Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 30th. 

Please click on the below social media sites to find out more information about Lauren Kuby and her candidacy for the LD Eight State Senate seat. 






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