LD 17 May Produce an Arizona State House Tie

As of 6pm’s tabulation drop, it looks like Dana Allmond is within reasonable striking distance of taking one of the two state House seats in LD 17. She is only 300 votes behind second place, and only 1200 behind the overall lead. There are still about 70K ballots left to process and tabulate in Pima and Pinal Counties, with about 90% of LD17’s population within Pima. There are over 50K ballots left to tabulate in Pima and only about 16K in Pinal. Victory is well within reach for lieutenant colonel Allmond.

If Dana can pull one of the seats of LD 17, that will likely give Democrats a 30-30 tie in the AZ House. Combine that with a tie or a majority in the AZ Senate, and Governor Hobbs will actually be able to pass a legislative agenda on the Democrat’s own terms. The Blue Wave may yet completely transform Arizona government this cycle!

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  1. Also watching State Senate seat in LD 17, with Republican Justine Wadsack currently leading by 1166 votes over Democrat Mike Nickersen. At least their State Senator Vince Leach was upset in the AZ Republican primary.

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