Let’s not get carried away here, people

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The Arizona media are singing the praises of Gov. Jan Brewer for her vetoes of the "Birther bill" and the "guns-on-campus bill." The Arizona Republic, always a cheerleader for Jan Brewer, opined Jan Brewer's mighty pen. Even Jim Nintzel at the Tucson Weekly gave Jan Brewer faint praise for her vetoes. The Skinny | Tucson Weekly. "We've been plenty critical of Gov. Jan Brewer in the past, but there are moments when she deserves praise—and her decision to veto a number of these nutty bills is one of them." (I am confident this was intended to encourage more such vetoes).

Apparently Jan Brewer's cheerleaders at the Arizona Republic believe that we should all genuflect before Gov. Jan Brewer and sing her praises with hossanahs for these two vetoes. The Republic took Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Arizona Democratic Party Chair Andrei Cherny to task today for not being gracious enough, and then made a false equivalency between their impolitic statements and the nuttiness of the "Birthers, Birchers and Secessionists" in the Tea-Publican legislature. Dems pick up where GOP extremists left off.

Let's not get carried away here, people. What about all the other "crazy base" bills Gov. Brewer has signed? And will sign?

Gov. Brewer has vetoed only seven bills as of the time of this post:

SB 1288 which prohibits a government from denying, suspending or revoking a professional or occupational license, certificate or registration based on a person’s exercise of religion.

HB 2581 which allows credits to be taken against luxury and severance tax liability for contributions made to school tuition organizations (STOs) for scholarships awarded to low-income and displaced and disabled students, and removes the cap on corporate contributions to STOs while increasing the cap on individual contributions. (A second attempt at this bill is on the governor's desk right now, SB 1186).

SB 1552 which allows a multistate service provider to elect to treat sales from services as being in this state to the extent that the purchaser of the service received the benefit of the service in Arizona. (corporate taxes).

HB 2338 establishes statutory levy limits for secondary property taxes that are levied by county library, jail and public health services districts. (property taxes).

HB 2177 which requires candidates for elected office to provide the Arizona Secretary of State or the appropriate local government with documents certifying they meet the requirements for office aka the "Birther Bill."

SB 1467 which prohibits any educational institution governing board from adopting or enforcing any policy or rule that prohibits the lawful possession or carrying of a weapon on a public right-of-way aka the "guns-on-campus" bill.

SB 1592 which authorizes and directs the governor to enter into a Health Care Compact (Compact) on behalf of Arizona with any state lawfully joined in the Compact. (A similar bill is on the governor's desk right now, SB 1088).

Leave it to a humorist and cartoonist to put things in proper perspective and clarity. Kudos to David Fitzsimmons of the Arizona Daily Star.


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  1. Today’s (Saturday, 4/23/2011) Arizona Republic has a terrific letter from AZ Dem Party Chair Andrei Cherny responding to the Republic’s editorial.

  2. I did not catch the SB# but what is happening with the bill making mail-in ballots for local elections illegal for Tucson only.
    That sounds to me like ANOTHER legal challenge in the making.

  3. Let’s see, what’s that old adage? Even a blind squirrel finds a few nuts if his broken watch is right twice a day?