Let’s play Bogus Lincoln Quotes

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Melvin"Bogus Lincoln quotes" is probably a game more suited to Twitter (I recommend using Al Melvin's twitter feed for your drunken New Year's Eve parties), but I'll get things started:

"Cap'n Al deserves a Melvin for attributing quotes to me that I never said, and lying about it." — Abraham Lincoln

Keep it clean folks! Points for being creative and funny.

Have fun!

UPDATE: Thanks to Wileybud — here you go!


One response to “Let’s play Bogus Lincoln Quotes

  1. Wish I could post the original Mad Magazine cover showing a family in a crypt freaking out: “That thing! That slithering blob coming toward us! What is it?”. To which their toddler son nonchalantly replies: “It’s Melvin!”


    Or perhaps: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-nXoKeN4PRuo/UA-dLudaCtI/AAAAAAAAZSQ/L2Cos6N71Zo/s1600/tarzmad.jpg