Editorial Cartoon from Clay Bennett

Senator Lindsey Graham,  eager to not get primaried in South Carolina in next year’s elections, was seduced into the Trump Zone.


As the recent impeachment inquiry into the Ukraine matter has demonstrated, the Senate Judiciary Chairman (scary thing to fathom) who once eagerly supported the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for far less,  has become a permanent resident of the Zone with apparently no wish to be rescued.

Since the impeachment inquiry started in September, he has been a zealous defender of Individual One, first saying there was nothing improper with the July 25 phone call between Mr. Trump and the Ukrainian President.

He would later chastise the Democrats for the depositions being held in private and not holding a vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry. He would follow that up by introducing a resolution in the Senate condemning what the Democrats had done.

Now, as the transcripts of the witnesses have been broadcast, Senator Graham has become the personification of “see no evil, hear no evil.” He publicly stated (all within three days) that he will not read the witness transcripts, offered that Mr. Trump and his team were too stupid to organize this caper, and even insinuated on, where else, Fox News, that Trump Donor and European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland revised his testimony in coordination with Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

Even the late Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, a co-host on The View, said on a recent episode that:

“……I don’t think it’s productive to go on TV and say I haven’t read it when you are the head of the Judiciary Committee.”

With his desire to stop a primary challenge and be able to run for reelection in South Carolina next year, Mr. Graham has sold his soul, his position as the Judiciary Chairman and reputation and thrown the Constitution and Country “under the bus” to appease Individual One.

The people of South Carolina deserve someone who will fight for the American Ideal and all it means. It does not need a spent force like Jello Lindsey Graham who has nothing to offer except a shell of once he once was.

South Carolinians and the United States Senate can do a lot better.