Listen: Grassroots Groups Take Over Pima County Democratic Party

The John C. Scott Political Forum - 1030 KVOI AM
The John C. Scott Political Forum – 1030 KVOI AM

Broadcaster John C. Scott of KVOI radio 1030 AM talks with Blog for Arizona blogger Larry Bodine.  Listen to hear about:

  • Grassroots organizations have taken over the Pima County Democratic Party. Alison Jones’ 5-vote victory is not a mandate, but it is a call for a new direction.
  • Finding a new executive director to replace incumbent Heath Butrum.
  • Jones will broaden the base of the party to include civic organization and labor that have been shut out.
  • Who will run for Tucson mayor to replace Jonathan Rothschild? Will the CEO of the YWCA run?
  • Millennials are stepping forward to run for County Party positions, Connor Welton was elected for Recording Secretary over two long-experienced party members.
  • The dis-Appointment of Marth McSally to US Senate. Mitch McConnel lobbies for her even though she knows nothing about public service, but can fly a plane.
  • Who will beat McSally in 2020? Ruben Gallego, orhometown favorite Steve Farley?
  • Alison Jones will call a summit meeting of the leaders of Pima County’s six legislative districts – to compare notes.