Little Lindsey Graham throws a hissy fit over Benghazi!


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McCain-GrahamSenator John McCain's puppet boy, Little Lindsey Graham, is threatening to hold up all executive branch nominees until he gets yet another hearing on Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! (Psst! Lindsey — the White House already agreed to it.)

This smarmy little shit is facing a primary challenge from a pair of teabaggers for his Senate seat, so he is using the U.S. Senate as his personal playground for his reelection campaign to appeal to the GOP crazy base. The needs of the country be damned.

If anyone deserves to lose his seat in 2014, it is this smarmy little shit. (Bonus: with his puppet boy gone, John McCain will have lost his last BFF, and has no reason to hang around any longer.)

So now that the Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! conspiracy theory has blown up in the face of CBS News and 60 Minutes today, Little Lindsey Graham is suddenly silent. Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo reports, Graham Goes Silent:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was hogwild about the now-discredited 60
blockbuster in which fabricator-security contractor Dylan Davies
recounted his nonexistent exploits the night of the attack on the US
consulate in Benghazi more than a year ago. But after CBS finally retracted the story this morning (after dragging its collective heels for a week), Graham is now declining to discuss the story or the retraction.

No matter. Steve Benen reports that Little Lindsey Graham is keeping his hold on nominees in place, just because he can. A hard man to please:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) appears to be one of those
politicians who doesn’t want to take “yes” for an answer. John Hudson
had this report late yesterday:

Last month, Senator Lindsey Graham vowed to block the
confirmation of every Obama administration appointee because the
administration was preventing Benghazi survivors from testifying before
Congress. Now, three Benghazi witnesses are set to testify for the first
time. Their lawyer says the administration never discouraged their
testimony, but Graham’s office says the holds aren’t going anywhere.
“Still have holds in place,”
Graham’s spokesman Kevin Bishop tells The Cable.

It’s unclear what further actions might change Graham’s calculus on the holds….

Over the last year, I feel like a pattern has emerged.
Congressional Republicans, convinced without evidence that their vague
conspiracy theories have merit, said, “Give us classified briefings on
Benghazi or we’ll throw a fit!”

* * *

So Republicans said, “We demand to hear directly from Benghazi survivors or we’ll throw a fit!”

At which point the administration agreed to make several Benghazi survivors available for testimony.

If Graham said he’d block the entirety of the Senate
confirmation process unless the witnesses agreed to testify, and now
they’ve agreed to testify, why is Graham still blocking the confirmation

Because it appears some people just enjoy throwing fits as if it’s some kind of immature habit.

Little Lindsey's genteel Southern sensibilities are offended: "Why I do declare, i am about to have the vapors! Someone please bring me my smelling salts." Here is Jon Stewart riffing on Little Lindsey Graham.


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