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In an hour, the polls will close. The big question is: Will dark money from the Koch Brothers and their multinational corporate brothers win or will the people win? Will millions of dollars — more than $25 million to buy each Senate seat for Republicans and more than $15 million in Arizona for Republicans — take this election? Or will the “little guy” (as my Mom would say) win?

Watch this post on Blog for Arizona as we fan out and cover the elections. Most of the bloggers here volunteered their time today to win this election for the people, for the Democratic Party, the party of “the little guy”. Tonight we will be working (actually volunteering) to give you interesting tidbits and photos from the parties and results as they come in.

Look for comments to this post and look for other stories later as results come in. On Facebook and Twitter look for Tweets and photos from @P2Hannley, @Good4AZ, @Bad4AZ, and @BlogForArizona. (Tweets are below for those of you not on Twitter.)

According to the Pima County Democratic Party, local Dem volunteers have made more phone calls and knocked on more doors than anyone else in the US. Since October 1, Pima Dems volunteers have made 80,000 phone calls and led the nation in door-to-door canvassing. This is something we can be proud of. (So, why is the national media ignoring Arizona?) From the Dems…

Since October 1, Pima County has led the way in Southern Arizona with a record-breaking 80,000 phone calls and we led the NATION in canvassing with 80,000 door knocks. We have out-planned, out-paced and out-worked our competition in every measurable way and we have you to thank for that. From food donations to lit drops to sign installations, it has been a team effort— start to finish.

We may not win every race, but as members of the Pima County Democratic Party we can hold our head up high with the knowledge that we gave it our all. Our cause is just, our goals are worthwhile and the arc of History bends toward progress. We will prevail because we will persist.

It is great to be a Democrat.

Look for live blog the election results here tonight at Blog for Arizona. The bloggers will post comments to this post which will stay at the top of the blog. Follow the comments to this post for updates of resuls.

Arizona early ballot counts will be posted after 8:00 p.m.


  1. Hundreds of people read our running commentary on this live blogging post. Even this morning, it’s interesting to see the blow-by-blow comments throughout the night. So far, the results are disheartening.

    The Koch Brothers and the forces of dark money now know their price point for buying elections. What are we going to do about it?

  2. Woke up at 5 a.m. due to the full moon. Updated my General Election post for Southern AZ — challenger Martha McSally now in the lead (only 36 vote difference, but only 145 of 194 precincts have reported); LD 2 House Rep. Demion Clinco appears to have lost; LD 9 House race too close to call for all 3 candidates – Steele, Orr & Friese; TUSD Board incumbents AdelitaGrijalva and Michael Hicks appear to have won re-election. Stay tuned for updates due to counting of provisional ballots.

  3. Sorry, posted this in the wrong post:

    Sorry guys, I just got back from Dem HQ in downtown Phx and had no internet on my tablet while I was there. I’m bummed about the night in general but happy for the bright spots, such as keeping Dr. Eric Meyer in LD28 and our Dems in Congress.

  4. TUSD Governing Board race very close: incumbent Adelita Grijalva leading with 25, 592 votes but 2nd seat up for grabs between incumbent Michael Hicks with 22, 069 and newcomer Jen Darland with 21, 211 currently. Stay tuned for results tomorrow.

  5. 11 pm and AZ PM is reporting Ducey for gov and Dems losing all statewide, races. Some too close to call at this point. If this is the result, dark money wins and the people of Arizona lose.

  6. Victoria Steele (who ran as a champion for the #ERA and #choice) is winning.

    Newcomer Dem Dr. Randy Friese (who ran on choice, equality, public ed, and gun control) says “we are ‘this close’ to taking back LD 9 for Democrats.”

  7. I’m NOT the only person to think McConnell looks too close for comfort with my red slider turtle? Cool! A Shame about the possible outcome there.

    • Linda, do you remember Bruce and Tracy? Here we are! We agree with you on McConnell and the outcome. Hope you are well!

    • well when Dems run away from the issues that matter to the people that they want to vote for them, it doesn’t help. Nor does the non-stop media chicanery and cherrypicked vocab ads targeted at hotbutton buzz words (well done by the GOP, hope that they’ll burn in eternal damnation along with the ad agencies and their actors and scriptwriters) help our situation where the media is more involved with making a profit and promoting controversy to generate clickbait that in accurately presenting all sides of an issue, then yeah, this is what you get nationally.

    • The “dark” gets people exercised about it but, yeah, it’s the money that counts. The RGA, which is not dark at all played a large role in Ducey’s victory, as did the RAGA with NOT Tom Horne, should he win.

  8. I am at the journalism student table at the Marriott. It is all women. Should I tell them about the Pink Collar ghetto.

    When I was. Journalism student, we took notes on paper, took the bus to the news room and typed the stories on copy paper on a manual typewriter.

  9. So far LD 9 Dems are spanking fake moderate Ethan Orr. I guess his new marijuana stance and ~$100,000 from Jan Brewer wasn’t enough.

  10. Don Jorgensen says statewide number that show DuVal and Goddard losing DO NOT include Pima County. #GoBlue.

    I am at the journalism intern table. So Nintzel hasn’t booted me.

  11. Mayor Jonathan Rothschild on the podium thanking all good Democrats for their GOTV efforts. Councilmembers Scott, Uhlich, Cunningham present, Rep. Victoria Steele, etc. Lots of Democrats anxiously awaiting first returns.

  12. Hi all, I’m at the Pima County Dem Party celebration at the University Marriott Hotel, 880 N. 2nd St. (east of Euclid Ave.). Lots of people coming in to watch the big screen TV returns. Stay tuned for 1st returns after 8 p.m. I’ll post the So. AZ results and update for the close races. AZPM TVs crews and Tucson Weekly reporters here as well.

  13. Rep. Gary Peters (D) is the projected winner in Michigan to succeed the retiring Sen. Carl Levin.

  14. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) is the projected winner over Playgirl centerfold Scott Brown, who now has the dubious distinction of having lost a senate race to two different women in two different states.

  15. John McCain’s puppet boy, little Lindsey Graham, is the projected winner in South Carolina. Another six years of having to listen to this Huckleberry get the vapors about having to go to war with everyone. His seatmate, Tim Scott (R) is also the projected winner in South Carolina,

  16. NBC is projecting that Tom Cotton (R) is the winner over Sen. Mark Pryor (D). This would be the second pickup for the GOP in the South.

  17. Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is equally as embarrassing as Sen. Inhofe, is the projected winner in Alabama.

  18. Sen. James Inhofe, a “Flat Earth Society” climate change denier and a major tool of big oil is the projected winner in Oklahoma. This is one of the most embarrassing members of the Senate. Thanks for nothing, Oklahoma!

  19. Sen. Thad Cochran, who had one of the most bizarre GOP primaries this year, is the projected winner in Mississippi.

  20. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R) is the projected winner of the West Virginia Senate seat. That’s a pickup for the Republicans that was expected.

  21. The Septuagenarian Ninja Turtle, Mitch McConnell, who has a 52% unfavorable from voters in the exit polls, nevertheless is the projected winner over Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, because white Southerners hate the secret Muslim Marxist from Kenya even more than they hate the turtle.

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