Lovelorn at The Estrogen Hour


Are you lovelorn? Or in a relationships that is going nowhere?  Check out the upcoming Estrogen Hour at Laff’s on February 10th.  Maybe you’re find someone there who shares your sense of humor. And if you’re currently suffering from a broken heart, this is a great way to laugh & forget (and move on).

Sunday, Feb. 10, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at
Laff’s Comedy Caffe, 2900 E. Broadway Blvd. Unit 154, Tucson

“Just in time for Valentine’s Day…Host Nancy Stanley welcomes some of Tucson’s funniest females to the stage for The Estrogen Hour: Lovelorn — a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! $15 per person. (If seats are available at the door, donation will be $20 per person – cash preferred.) Seats are reserved by donating to LLS on Mary Steed’s Team In Training fundraising page.

Performers will include Nancy Stanley, Amy Beson, Amy Selegue, Andrea Carmichael, Ann-Eve Dingell, Cathy Sproul, Em Bowen, Nicci Radhe, Suzie Sexton, special guest Tempest Dujour – and a few more comics TBA.

As always, this is an over-21 show and Laff’s has a two-item minimum (food, soft drinks, alcohol). All proceeds from seat/raffle sales go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.”

Carolyn’s note: My husband of 34 years and I will likely attend, but not being lovelorn, we hope to enjoy the show & these female comedians nonetheless. Maybe 2019 will be the year that the Republican-dominated Arizona Legislature passes the way long overdue Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.) for our state (now that’s not a joke). And we’ve never seen Diva Tempest Dujour on the stage before.


  1. Full house to hear these 9 (plus Tempest du Jour) women comedians stand up & tell mostly sexy jokes. Hostess Nancy Stanley started off saying that the #1 threat to older women(like her) trying to date, was younger women. She envisions herself someday as “Assisted Living Hot”, and that her super power is “Sexual Invisibility”). Then the other women comedians took the stage and spoke of Valentine Day’s cards in 2nd grade (Amy Selegue); being fired by all her job bosses & now having a “Latin lover” (Nicci Radhe); being Trans for a Testosterone Hour, is Trans equal to contagious? (Andrea Carmichael); being dumped more times than a waste truck (Suzie Sexton); needing an emotional support pet on the airplane esp. when she was bumped from 1st class into Coach by V.I.P. Lara Trump (Ann Eve Dingell); adrenalin high of rock climbing with a new boyfriend (Shirlene Brown); using a FitBit to reduce (not increase) # of steps as a New Year’s Resolution, to be efficient (Cathy Sproul); toxic masculinity fatigue syndrome & “adulting” (Em Bowen); challenge of working in a sex shop (Amy Beson). Nancy announced that $2312 was raised for LLS charity last night, and read creative haiku offered by the audience throughout the evening. Then Drag Queen Tempest du Jour took the stage and said she had just come from a Toxic Masculinity Workshop, found out her DNA was mostly Aryan, with a little Jewish, that she had grown up as a “sweet, Morman kid” in Provo Utah, that now her body was a “zombie temple”, that “children were more stupid than men” when speaking of her adopted son and daughter, esp. since her 12 year old daughter offered “corn” as the answer for a Harlem Renaissance exhibit at school. Tempest concluded the evening with her hilarious, original song from Wizard of Oz. Lots of laughter tonight for the lovelorn, and couples in attendance.

  2. If you’re lovelorn, and still searching for love at any age, check out this Estrogen Hour tomorrow for some great laughs with female improv comedians in town. I personally know hostess Nancy Stanley (in real life, an attorney) and also her friend Suzie Sexton (another woman attorney) who will be performing. Must be a club of women attorneys who like to do improv, as Stacy Scheff does it too in Tucson. But not my gig as I just like to sit and watch, and chuckle with my sisters in law.

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