Lying Jan “Heads in the Desert” Brewer Calls Hillary Clinton a “Lying Killer”


By Michael Bryan

clownbrewerFormer Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, she of the lie that immigrants had been beheading people in the deserts of Arizona, called Hillary Clinton a “lying killer” on the Mac and Gaydos show on KTAR.

She was assuring the the hosts that Clinton could not win Arizona when she said, “they’re tired of the lying killer, uh, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clintons of the world.” She later tried to walk the comment back when asked about it by Buzzfeed:

“I was trying to say Hillary Clinton, It was a stumble of the tongue. Good grief.”

Yeah, I can sympathize. Every time I try to say Donald Trump, it comes out as “the cinnamon Hitler, uh, Donald Trump.” And every time I try to say Jan Brewer, it comes out as “the embarrassing clown, uh, Jan Brewer.”


  1. evidence for lying. hillary said she belived in the iraq war and then apologized when anti war democrats wouldn’t vote for her over obama. evidence for killing she voted for iraq war for political gain so republicans couldn’t use her vote against her when she run in 2008. 5000 americans and a million iraqi;s died.

  2. When will Gormless Wonder, oops tongue stumble there, Jan Brewer ever get around to providing evidence for the headless bodies?

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