UPDATED: #LyingLoserLake Gets Repeatedly Nailed on Abortion Flip-Flops

UPDATE 4/24: As expected Kari Lake continues to lie to everyone regarding Arizona’s abortion laws and her position on the matter; she is, after all, #LyingLoserLake – so we are not surprised.

Lake recently was interviewed by Idaho Dispatch on Rumble and was confronted by some of the same rabidly anti-choice sentiments that were proxied in the video that is the subject of this post. Her answers are illuminating of her actual positions, including saying that ‘unfortunately’ the Democrats in charge of law enforcement (i.e. AG Mayes) will not enforce it (damn right she won’t!):


You will note that she elides her position such that it remains unclear the outcome she actually wants. She lies about the AAA Initiative as ‘abortion up to birth‘, which is nonsense: the AAA forbids state interference up to viability (generally around 23 weeks) and allows abortions only for the heath or life of the mother thereafter. Extremists characterize this as ‘abortion up to birth’, but in the real world of actual medicine (as opposed to anti-woman conspiracy fantasies wherein evil women get late term abortions as a Satanic ritual – no, I’m NOT kidding…) if there is any chance of the child living after viability, the child is delivered alive, never aborted.

Abortion of a living child after viability is just NOT A REAL THING. In fact, over 99% of abortions that occurred under Roe would be also be allowed by the viability cut off in the AAA. The remaining <1% of post-viability abortions are those extraordinary cases where a late stage pregnancy goes wrong. Every possible medical effort is made to save both the mother and the child in such cases. The only time an ‘abortion’ is done in these circumstances is when the child has already died in utero and the corpse must be extracted to save the mother’s life or health. Nobody anywhere ever is killing viable children in the third trimester with an ‘abortion’ of a living child. And our medical practitioners do not need any state to tell them not to do something they simply would never do.

So, Kari’s scaremongering lie about the AAA Initiative can be seen clearly for what it actually is: wicked propaganda. What I suspect Kari actually expects (as do I, unfortunately) to be the law moving forward is the 2022 post 15 week ban, which would be the law were the territorial ban repealed. Note that this cut off would still allow over 96% of abortions allowed under Roe. But it still would unnecessarily restrict and chill proper medical care post 15 weeks, endangering women’s health and lives.

Kari would be just fine with the territorial ban were it not so drastically unpopular with the citizens of Arizona who will not tolerate such a violation of women’s medical, civil, and human rights, and common sense. Kari is rightly terrified that the territorial ban will kill the AZGOP’s electoral viability for the foreseeable future if it were enforced. Still, she would be delighted with enforcing the territorial ban as that outcome would satisfy her hard right supporters, but she simply recognizes it would be a disaster for her and every other Republican politically.


Kari Lake made an appearance in Tucson last Friday, where she was repeatedly questioned about her repudiation of the 1864 abortion ban and softening position on abortion in Arizona. MSNBC and others picked up clips from the event.

Alex Wagner especially took Kari to task with her clip that included questioning from ‘supporters’:

Kari and her Zealous Questioner

You might note a particularly virulent anti-abortion ‘supporter’ in a red hat grilling Kari about her turning against the 1864 ban ‘miracle’ due to it being deeply politically unpopular.

What you won’t see ANYWHERE else is the full footage of that ‘evangelical anti-abortion zealot’s’ full question and the full answer. I wonder how I got hold of such good footage of Kari looking directly into the camera being held by the questioner? It’s a holy mystery!?

Kari and her Zealous Questioner

Needless to say, Kari clearly recognizes that her previous stance on the 1864 ban is political poison to a general electorate. Her base, however – proxied quite convincingly and enthusiastically by some mysterious gentleman here, if I do say so myself – may not be so enthused by her new ‘epiphany’ and softened stance on banning abortion in Arizona. Certainly, some of her supporters are not going to just meekly accept her change of position.

I wonder if “I love you for asking that question” is Kari’s special way of saying “rot in hell for bringing that up, you son-of-a-bitch…”? Certainly, it seems that “God bless you, Kari Lake,” can admit of at least one euphemistic meaning… ::giggle::

I suppose we’ll get to see if Kari’s Hungarian ‘epiphany’ will have an effect on her support in the July primary against Pinal Co. Sheriff Mark Lamb and Elizabeth Reye, especially if either of those candidates accepts the opening to her right on abortion that she has created.

I doubt that Reye will attempt to hit that breach, given that she seems to be running as the voice of reason abortion, whereas Lamb has only so far insisted upon the ‘sanctity of life’. Could Lamb spin Lake’s ‘epiphany’ into renewed energy in his campaign against Lake? Is he willing to take up a dead loser position to reinvigorate his languishing campaign for the nomination?

We’ll soon find out how ‘politically practical’ the GOP primary electorate is willing to allow their nominee to be on one of the core animating principles of their Evangelical base, and how many will insist on defending the ‘miracle’ of the 1864 ban – and going down with God’s ark.

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  1. Kari, when did you stop lying?Recently? A year ago? Never ?When Joseph McCarthy tried to continue his attack, Judge Welch angrily interrupted, “Let us not assassinate this lad further, senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?”

  2. Tired of liberal bs stories. Why not try printing stories about AZ Democrats and their records?
    Probably because it would hurt the Democrats in Arizona. I live on the border, I work on the border so if you want to know the truth about the border, ask some of us that know about it and quit ur gaslighting BS. As far as the abortion goes , it’s the only thing Democrats have to run on so of course just large smear campaign ..Not everyone in AZ are liberals. Plenty of us are VOTING INDEPENDENTS. The border, Anti semitism, inflation and crime not to mention $4+ gas are just a couple of the issues that I’m worried about along with many others. Abortion is not any where near the top.

    • If you are tired of a liberal viewpoint, Margaret, you are probably reading the wrong blog. But if you want a different point of view and a dose of reality to counter your Fox News based media diet, then by all means, keep reading and making silly comments.


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