Made in Tucson winter market 2023 on November 26

Event by Made in Tucson Market and Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition

311 E 7th St, Tucson, AZ 85705-8451, United States

Duration: 7 hr (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

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“Made In Tucson Market is on Sunday, November 26! Meet over 300 local artists and support the Fourth Avenue community. Bring your family and friends to enjoy a lovely fall day in our favorite District in Tucson!
Follow us on Instagram for updates regarding The Market @madeintucsonmarket.”

Carolyn’s note: This is one of my favorite markets, held twice a year along 4th Avenue on E. 7th Street. It’s grow tremendously over the years and features local artisans and vendors. Check it out on Nov. 26th. I missed the Spring one on March 19, 2023 due to an ankle injury, but I’ll be able to walk and shop through this winter market.

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  1. Wow, droves of people there this morning once it opened, and this market is now extended to 6th Avenue and includes a parking lot south of E. 7th St. (SE corner of 5th Avenue, east of Corbett’s pickle bar courts/bar.) Ran into some friends — an artist/vendor Larry Gomez and his husband Tom, a neighbor with her grandchild, 2nd on the way; and Teresa Cullen, Pima County Public Health Director. Great weather, local vendors, food strucks too. Gabriells Cazares-Kelly, Pima County Recorder also there signing up people to vote.

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