Mainstream Business Press Joins Fight Against The Poor


Posted by Bob Lord

On Saturday, in Conservative Think Tanks: Taxpayer Subsidized Mendacity?, I made the following observation regarding the Cato Institute "study" on welfare benefits and its author, Michael Tanner:

Tanner knows well that when his study is reported in the conservative press, it will be to promote the view that we have too many welfare moochers who don’t want to work. The conservative press will never mention that Tanner’s conclusions regarding the relative rewards of welfare and work could be applied only to the tiny sliver of single mothers with children who are in the most dire need.

Well, just three days later, Forbes, one of the leading business publications, titled its article on the Cato study thusly:

On Labor Day 2013, Welfare Pays More Than Minimum-Wage Work In 35 States

On Monday, in Hawaii: Freeloaders' Paradise or Wage Earner's Hell? You Be The Judge, I pointed out that the number of Hawaiians who fit the description of the "prototype" Hawaiian welfare recipient is far lower than one percent of Hawaii's population.

Here's how Forbes reported on welfare in Hawaii:

Tanner and Hughes award the national welfare championship to Hawaii, which offers $60,590 in annual welfare benefits, once you account for the fact that welfare benefits are tax-free to the recipient, compared to work-related wages. That’s the equivalent of $29.13 an hour.

Did Forbes report on this objectively? Hardly.

Looks like the war on the poor has been declared.