Mandate Schmandate

By Michael Bryan

Schmandate Every time I turn on the radio, watch TV, or read a GOP-leaning website, I hear the same nonsense: the GOP has won a mandate in the mid-term.

My ass. Voters were pissed about the job Democrats were doing, and I can't say I disagree with them. What I do disagree with is the idea that the GOP has a mandate to do more of the same shit that got us in such trouble in the first place. 70% of voters agree with that.

Here's the key question in a poll by Opinion Research for CNN to 1,014 Americans on November 11-14, 2010:

Screen shot 2010-11-15 at 8.10.18 PM

Only 17% were deluded enough to think that the GOP won a mandate in the mid-term. Don't be one of the them, and don't let that bullshit go unchallenged when you hear that claim.

This is how the American people really view the GOP agenda:

What does that mean for state politics here in Arizona? Same thing. The tidal wave lifted a bunch of local wackadoos into even greater power, but it's not a mandate to make Arizona into Grover Norquist's mad experiment.

People live here, dammit. The GOP does not get to destroy our state without anyone speaking up and saying, "Enough!" Don't for a minute believe that most people in Arizona will approve of what the GOP is going to try to do to this state over the next two years.

One response to “Mandate Schmandate


    All the ‘wackadoos’ have to do is shout ‘Commie’ or ‘Socialist’ and point their fingers at someone brown and their hordes will gleefully back whatever they do because ‘gubmint is evil; them (insert racist epithet here) are all leeches and cheats, and My DAM Taxes are too high!’

    These people have been voting against their own self-interests since 1980, when Ronnie the RayGun told them it was Morning in America as he slipped their wallets out of their pockets.

    Americans are so stupid that 60% of us believe that Obama raised our taxes.

    Americans are so stupid that 30% of us believe that the presdident is a foreign-born Muslim.

    Glenn and Rush and Sean and the rest of the Conservative Puke Machine all tell ‘us it’s the evil libberal-socialists-jews fault! And every-damn-body else in the journalism bizness tut-tuts and says how UN-civilized it is when someone points out that these guys are liars.

    The people of Arizona, and the rest of the country, for that matter, I’ve come to believe, are just bone stupid in a totally irredemable way.

    People may say they don’t like the Republican agenda, but THEY WENT AHEAD AND VOTED THE F*CKERS IN ANYWAY.

    What do they POSSIBLY think is gonna happen?

    We’re in for another eight to twelve years of rape/pillage/burn at the heands of the R’s, by which time I doubt there will be much left to fight over…we’ll be a nation of 50% unemployment, no social safety net, unpaved roads, struggling to learn Mandarin so we can do scut work in the new world economy for our new masters.

    The Chinese middle class will be bitching at the horrible accents and stupid advice that those morons in offshore call centers in America all give out for their new computers.

    The 2% who are the true rulers of the US won’t care…they got theirs, jack, fuck off.

    They’ll be living on a beach somewhere enjoying the remnants of the wealth of the American Middle Class.

    People won’t notice until the bread&circuses suddenly stop that they’re screwed. And they’ll STILL listen to bloated gasbag millionaires who tell ’em it’s all the feminazis fault.

    As Rand Paul said in a rare moment of truth: We all just work for rich people.