Maria Garcia appointed to fulfill the unexpired term of Sen. Jorge Luis Garcia

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Carolyn Classen at the Tucson Citizen reports that Senator Jorge Luis Garcia’s widow, Maria De La Luz Garcia, has been appointed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors to fulfill his unexpired term in the Arizona state senate in LD 27. Supervisors appoint Maria Garcia (widow of Jorge Luis Garcia) to the LD 27 State Senate seat – Carolyn's Community:

Mrs. Garcia said she was “honored to fill her husband’s seat” and that Jorge “loved serving,” and that she would “do her best to represent the constituents” of LD 27.

* * *

Maria Garcia is a manufacturing manager at Raytheon, and was married to Jorge for 37 years. They had three children and four grandchildren.

It is almost certain that a Special Session will be called shortly after election results have been certified. It is widely anticipated that Props. 301 and 302 will be defeated by voters today, and the "Jan Sham Budget" that is based upon the assumption that voters would approve these measures is already out of balance even without these measures being approved by voters. Maria Garcia will have an opportunity to cast a vote in any Special Session.

I have not been advised who is to take over the duties of Senate Minority Leader for the remainder of this legislative session.

Rep. Olivia Cajero Bedford faces only write-in opposition in today's election for the LD 27 Senate seat and is assured of election in this heavily Democratic district. She will be sworn in to office in January, 2011.

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