Not many people in the world of reality are buying Know Nothing-Coup Plotter Mark Finchem’s pitiful explanations about his part in the January 6, 2021, Trumpist Domestic Terrorist  Insurrectionist Attack on the Nation’s Capitol.

Not many are buying Know Nothing-Coup Plotter’s  Kelli Ward’s, Andy Biggs, and Paul Gosar’s contentions regarding January 6 either.


As Larry Bodine, AZ Blue Meanie, and this writer, have reported, recall efforts and calls for investigations on one or all of these individuals have only intensified since January 6, 2021.

Finchem gets slapped with an Ethics Complaint.

January 14 was another bad day for Finchem, Arizona Republicans, and the residents of the alternative reality universe that is  Trump Zone/Fox Island/Disinfowars.

Legislative District 29 State Representative Cesar Chavez filed an ethics complaint against Finchem, writing:

“Based on my personal knowledge of news articles and social media posts, including those of Representative Finchem himself, I believe that Representative Finchem failed to uphold his oath of office and has demonstrated that he may lack the ethical and moral values to be an elected member of this body.”

If this complaint is followed up with a hearing and a vote against Mr. Finchem, the LD 11 Representative may face expulsion.

The Greater Phoenix Leadership will not Contribute to Republicans that Knowingly Spread Misinformation.

Former Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano penned an op-ed in AZ Central, telling Republicans like Ward, Finchem, Biggs, and Gosar that the money spigot from the Greater Phoenix Leadership Group will be turned off to them or any Republican that spreads misinformation and baseless conspiracy theories.

Following the example of national corporations who have had enough with the likes of Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, Giuliano wrote:

“It is time for our country and state to move beyond conspiracy-driven rhetoric that has come to dominate so much of our political discourse.

We must transition from the high levels of dysfunction that have defined a turbulent period, encouraged by some of our elected officials nationally and in Arizona, to a path that will restore the civil dialogue and debate of ideas which have been a bedrock of our democracy since its founding.

Inflammatory political rhetoric and the desire for power must take a back seat to the most important factor of all: the truth…”

“…Let us be clear: We find the weeks of disinformation and outright lies to reverse a fair and free election from the head of the Arizona Republican Party and some elected officials to be reprehensible.

The political party organization and these elected officials, which some of us have supported in the past, have again embarrassed Arizona on a national stage.”

“The vast majority of us have agreed that we will no longer support the party and these individuals financially, nor will we continue memberships in organizations that support them financially until we see change in rhetoric, leadership, and practice with a return to civil discourse and the fundamental principles upon which the Republican Party was founded…”

It would be better for Republicans to get rid of Kelli Ward as their Party Chairperson. Maybe they can replace her with one of the people they want to censure at their January 23, 2021 meeting. Cindy McCain or Jeff Flake would be far more credible and worthy Chairperson’s of the Republican Party than the Trump Zone/Fox Island/Disinfo War Seditious Lunatic from Lake Havasu.

It would also be better for members of the sane branch of the  Republican  Party to band together with the Democrats in the Arizona State Legislature and Nation’s Capitol to expel Finchem, Biggs, and Gosar if investigations confirm their part in promoting and steering the Trumpist Domestic Terrorist Insurrection on January 6, 2021.

It would be better for Arizona and the country as well.